June 21, 2009

Yeah, maybe. But don't get your hopes up.

"Yzerman likely to be named to Hall on Tuesday"

Other things likely to take place on Tuesday:

  • The Sun will rise.
  • It will still be June.
  • You could throw something in the air and it will come back down.
  • Still won't be over Game 7.
  • Still won't be over Game 5 from last year.
  • Somebody will write an article about Chris Osgood being average.
  • A Penguins fan will tie politics and hockey together and form an insult that includes the words "jobless", "wheelchair", and at least one other term that indicates he/she is 11 years old.
  • Nik Kronwall will wake up suddenly at 3:30 AM after having yet another "crossbar" nightmare.
  • We will wake up mysteriously in each other's arms after having another "crossbar" nightmare.
  • Pavel Datsyuk will watch a rerun of his all-time favorite show: Perfect Strangers.
  • While playing a game of Pictionary with his family, Jiri Hudler will kill all the momentum his team had generated on the last four turns by taking a premature slapshot that misses wide, swings around the boards and leads to a 2-on-1 the other way. No, that's not suppose to make any sense.
  • Joe Thornton will choke on his roast beef sandwich at lunch and falsely claim that "it went down the wrong tube."
  • Bruce MacLeod will receive another email from us suggesting that Red Wings Corner and TTD join forces to create "Bombay's Corner" -- a site that would showcase A) the incomprehensibe amount of hockey knowledge that resides within MacLeod's brain, and B) dick jokes. He will report the email as spam.
  • Mark Messier will wake up, disrobe, walk over to the full length mirror in his bathroom, look himself right in the eye and masturbate until he loses consciousness.


Nick said...


Thought this was funny.

Hoser said...

I think that's the first time I've laughed since game 7.

Very nice.