July 14, 2009

85 more hockey-less nights

I think a lot of people are dying for hockey to start up again. But to be honest I've kind of enjoyed the break so far. The playoff run not only shaved 8 or 9 years off my life, but it also rendered me sterile somehow. Having trouble figuring that one out.





Still can't believe that game.


RT said...

Why the pictures man? Giving me flashbacks and nausea all over again. I am excited about the youth movement next year. Is it training camp yet?

Tyler said...

I think it's the doldrum's of hockey's Summer. Slow news week = a wandering mind.

JB said...

Ouch that was painful to relive. About as nauseating as watching Gary Betteman dance around in hot pants to a Chaka Khan song. I need the season to start just erase all this shit from my mind.

Rumbear said...

Jeebus TDT...that was a kick in the balls....in July. Just not ready yet.

Baroque said...

Slow news week = a wandering mind.

Then wander your god damn f***ing mind somewhere less depressing. Jeez.

cmk said...


October can't come fast enough for me.

Tyler said...

I need to apologize. Sometimes I forget that actual people read the site now as opposed to just me and Brent hitting refresh on the hit counter every 30 minutes like the old days.

But I must admit -- watching you people freak out is entertaining in a sadistic sort of way. Especially you Baroque. I feel like getting anyone to angrily type "fucking" -- albiet censored -- is a minor victory.

Animal Drew's Nightmare on Helm Street said...

wait a minute? you have a hit counter? where do i get one of those?

and yes, usually Baroque refrains from swearing. So I applaud you, TDT...it takes something dramatic to get such a reaction from A2Y's leading lady.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Just your basic site meter. Search Site Meter and it takes like 2 seconds to set up.