July 17, 2009


Couldn't even revert back to his old #18. Had to go with #81 in red.

Rubbing it in a little?


Yeah yeah, you too.


Eat a dick.


Animal Drew's Nightmare on Helm Street said...

Smile while your face still has the capacity to do so, Coke 'n Pepsi. You and your slovak man-crush are going down in a blaze.

They'll live to regret their defection: mark my words.

RT said...

who are these guys again?

Aimee in Austin said...

That made me throw up a little.

cmk said...

I tried to ignore the stories/pics of them and was doing so quite successfully--until now. THANKS guys. (I hope you heard the sarcasm.)

Baroque said...

I hope that Hossa continues to add to his lasting playoff legacy as number 81 for years to come. You know, since Chicago has such a winning tradition with their young, hard-working team and all.

I still want him to have regular season success, though - against Anaheim, San Jose, St. Louis, Columbus, and Nashville. Hat tricks against all those opponents and goose-eggs against all others. :)

bazz said...

My seven year old wanted to order a Hossa Red Wings Shirt but they couldn't get it in his size....after the finals he said he didn't want it because he sucked in the playoffs....I said "yes he did..and he is a pussy too..." Chicago will be buying out his contract in 2 years