July 20, 2009

I am Bored: Episode I

The All "Not-Drafted-By-The-Red-Wings" Red Wings team of my lifetime:


Shanahan - Larionov - Ciccarelli
Robataille - Bob Lang - Hull
Cleary - Drapes - Sammy
Maltby - Boyd Devereaux - Doug Brown

Coffey - Murph
Fetisov - Raf
Stuart - Cheli


This remarkable 178-part series of pointless posts will combine two of my personal favorites: line combinations and things that don't make any fucking sense.

And shut up about Boyd -- we have the same last name so he makes the team. Plus, it was either him or Tim Taylor.


cmk said...

Hey, I'VE taken to printing off counted cross-stitch patterns that I will NEVER make because I'm bored. At least YOU think hockey while being bored. (Although, I DID print off a pattern of the winged wheel--I just MIGHT make that one.)

Baroque said...

I'm not doing cross stitch ... but there is a baby afghan pattern I want to try in red and white. :)

Animal Drew said...

Hey, I liked Boyd too. He was one of the original "2 Kids and a G.O.A.T." line with Bret Hull and Datsyuk.

Not an artsy person, myself. So I'll stick around to writing about hockey too. Keep writing, and I'll keep reading. And around and around we go.

Is it September 16th yet?

Anonymous said...

"Two kids and a GOAT". God, I miss Brent Hull. Definitely worth having Hull on a team for the "after the game interview" factor.


Anonymous said...

Uh.... I meant Brett of course. Sorry, obvious brain hemorrhage there.