July 21, 2009

I am Bored: Episode II

To honor the ancestors of me and my distant cousin Boyd Devereaux ...

The "All-Quebec" Red Wings team:


Luc Robataille - Marcel Dionne - Martin Lapointe
Bob Errey - Marty Barry - Wayne Connelly
Marcel Bonin - Andre St. Laurent - Bill Dineen
Claude LaForge - Guy Charron - Michel Bergeron

Marcel Pronovost - Mathieu Dandenault
Jean Hamel - Steve Duchesne
Yves Racine - Ron Harris

Rogatien Vachon
Corrado Micalef


Useless information ...

* 79 Quebecers have suited up for the Wings.

* Marcel Dionne has more goals (139) than any of them, and did it in only four seasons.

* Bill Dineen is the father of Kevin Dineen.

* Marty Lapointe should have never left Detroit.


Matt Saler said...


It needs to be September like yesterday.

Jamie Favreau said...

I am bored too. I am sure your research will benefit someone someday!

Cameron Kittle said...

Maybe the best Triple Deke post ever.

You hear about Hossa? Puck Daddy said he might need shoulder surgery and could be out until December this year. No wonder he was useless in the Finals.


Triple Deke Staff said...

Just read that Cam. This was the "Ah-ha" moment that we were all waiting for .... about 4 weeks ago.

What's perplexing is that absolutely nothing was said until now. Not so much as a hint of a serious injury. The only thing different with his case than the other 47 Wings who were banged up is that his contract was up; and the only reason to hide the injury, seemingly, would be to keep his value at its highest (which seems backwards from what the Wings would do since they wanted to re-sign him) ..... so yeah, this is kind of weird.

Animal Drew said...

I think you nailed it on the Hossa discretion about his injury Tyler. Mr. "He Spells his name is" Rich Winter kept a tight lid on that one.

Lame-duck Dale Tallon never saw that one coming.

My lasting Yves Racine memory is that his mouth was always open...check your cards if you still have them, every one of them will show him gasping for air with an open mouth, he either had a sinus problem or must have not been in the best shape.

Wait, what?

Chris said...

Haha AD


signals3_t5 said...

Hallo A.D. I think you are wright !

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