July 23, 2009

I am Bored: Episode III

The All-"I almost forgot they played for the Red Wings" Red Wings team:


Adam Graves (87-90) - Adam Oates (85-89) - Pat Verbeek (99-01)
Wendel Clark (1999) - Greg Johnson (93-97) - Steve Thomas (03-04)
Ray Whitney (03-04) - Dallas Drake (The first time) - Tomas Sandstrom (1997)
Sean Avery (01-03) - Mike Krushelynski (94-95) - Yuri Butsayev (99-02)

Barry Melrose (85-86) - Jason Wooley (02-04)
Derian Hatcher (03-04) - Ulf Samuelsson (1999)
Todd Gill (98-01) - Dimitri Mironov (1998)

Ken Wregget (99-00)
Bill Ranford (1999)
Ken Holland (the player ... 83-84)

Marian Hossa almost made the team.



Anonymous said...

Barry Melrose, Derian Hatcher, and Wendel Clark..... Didn't they star for the All Mullett Team?


Tyler said...

Hey, don't be giving me any crazy ideas Tram. Actually, as wondrous as the mullet was to hockey, I'm not sure I could come up with 20 mullet-ed Wings. I'll look into that.

RT said...

Yuri Butsayev...what a name drop

Animal Drew said...

A lot of names on there make me shudder for various reasons, some as complete failures, some as "why did we let them go?", and one as "oh yeah, now I remember why he was always hating us on ESPN, because we picked Uncle Mike to be our coach instead of him, and then we run him out of a job by beating up on Tampa Bay earlier this year" (i watched that game at a bar in Boston by the way).

Anonymous said...

@Animal Drew - You could do a "What were they thinking!!!" team and start off with Uwe Krupp.

He is so infamous at my house that the phrase "Uwe Krupp" is the most heinous thing you can say to someone.
Really. "Uwe Krupp" and a door slam means you have seriously screwed up.


cmk said...

And if you want to go into ancient history, Garry Unger played for the Wings before he went to St Louis. Yeah, I'm older than dirt.

RT said...

So as if on cue, I'm working in Lithuania this summer and I'm watching some KHL reruns on Eurosport and who do I see other than Dmitri Bykov playing for Atlant Moscow. He'd have to at least be a reserve on this all-scrub team.

Tyler said...

Bykov was a tough omission, but I had to have Melrose on there.
Some other guys who didn't quite make the cut (and "not making the cut" has nothing to do with talent, but rather, some arbitrary degree of "how much I had forgotten that they played for the Wings") are:

-Jim Nill
-Dave Lewis
-Mike Sillinger
-Sheldon Kennedy
-Jamie Rivers
-Jiri Slegr (always forget that he played in the '02 Cup-clinching game)
-Jamie Macoun's mustache

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