July 15, 2009

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The Wingosphere grew a little larger recently as frequent A2Y commenter Animal Drew cut the ribbon on Nightmare on Helm Street. The name of the blog alone makes it worth 2 to 3 clicks per day.


Count Drew among the group of Wing fans that won't be welcoming Marian Hossa back to the Joe with a plate of cookies. Or perhaps he would, if said cookies contained a laxative.

"Let’s put it right out there, Marian. You failed us. We didn’t fail you. We had half of our team banged up, we had survived the previous rounds despite you only producing in one game per series, but we needed you in the Finals. Seven games against your former club and you couldn’t even score one freakin’ goal. None."


And in other news ..... NHL schedule release at 3 PM today. Hooraaayyy.


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you Drew.
Biggest disapointment ever. I'm still of the opinion that he was being blackmailed by the Russian mob. Or his evil twin suited up for the playoff's while he was in Vegas.


Chris said...

Evil twin = Marcel Hossa?

Animal Drew's Nightmare on Helm Street said...

Thanks for the shout-out! So far my fellow Red Wings bloggers have been nothing but helpful. I can only hope that one day someone will be asking me for help to get their site launched.

As for Marcel...what kind of numbers can HE put up in the regular season?

Chris said...

We are working to get him a big kid's banner, rather than the mini-verison he has now.