July 3, 2009

Shotgun Sam heads west

Beware the wayward pucks if you attend GM Place next season. Sammy's a Canuck.

The Vancouver Canucks made their first move in the free agent market, adding winger Mikael Samuelsson with a three-year deal.

Financial terms were not disclosed. (Puck Daddy says Elliotte Friedman says 3 years/$7.5/$2.5 hit.)

Samuelsson, 32, recorded 40 points in 81 games last season and 10 points in 23 playoff games with Detroit through to the 2009 Stanley Cup Final.

In 466 career NHL games, he has 208 points and 244 penalty minutes. The Mariefred, Sweden native was a member of the 2007.08 Stanley Cup Champion team and has produced a career total of 35 points in 69 postseason games.


Sam's finest hour in the winged wheel:

Our predictable reaction -- and probably yours, too: "HE HIT THE NET!"


Nobody's going to blame Sammy for taking that deal. In fact I'm curious as to what, if anything, was offered to him from Holland's end. I'm sure he at least Facebooked him with a, "you wouldn't want to re-sign for like $1.5-ish, would ya?" message. He's a classy guy like that.

I can't quite remember at the moment, but I'm pretty sure we've made fun of this man on more than one occasion. I'm going to miss doing that. All unwarrented retard jokes aside, we liked him. Even when it seemed like he was trying to kill Mo Cheese with a 60 footer, we knew he was doing it out of love.

And regardless of anything that's been said about him, the fact that he put up 40 points in each of the past two seasons on a salary of $1.2 mil is definitely "bang for your buck". He also added a pinch of grit and knows how to play in his own end.

And man, what a rocket on that power play, eh? Okay we don't have to talk about that. Curious as to what the points on the 2nd PP unit look like now. Having the lefty/righty combo is preferable, so obviously the choice is Maltby.

Best of luck.


J.J. from Kansas said...

Goodbye, Sammy. At least the Sedins will be easier to tell apart after he shatters one of their jaws.

Baroque said...

I'll miss the doofus, but I'm very happy that he was able to get a nice sized contract for a guy who hasn't made as much as a lot of other players his age.

Good luck, Sammy - and I hope that Vancouver has strong boards and extra glass to replace his damage.

John W. said...

"Having the lefty/righty combo is preferable, so obviously the choice is Maltby."

Oh man, I spit on my screen when I read that.