August 18, 2009


I hope I'm entirely, 100 percent wrong about this.


RT said...


On so many levels, WHY???

Ben said...

Oh God. I was OK with Williams, but this makes me throw up a little bit.

AxeMaster9 said...

Everything will be ok I promise. Crunch some numbers when you get bored. Look at the one year deals we have signed so far this year. Look whos contracts are up after this season. Look at Lidstrom signing an extension Stevie Y style for 2-3 million a season. All that equals up to some fat fucking cap space next year. Kenny knows what he is doing. I am not saying lets look to next year in terms of what will happen this year, BUT this off season was fucked beginning about three years ago and we knew it was coming. Next year will be all kinds of awesome, I am calling it now.

RT said...

We're already awesome and always have been/will be. This move is just not awesome right now.

I wonder if Holland will try to spin it as another Clearyesque reclamation project cuz if we somehow salvage this guy's career to within 50% of what he used to be then he's well worth 1.5mil. But he's been absolute garbage ever since he left Vancouver and I'm not counting on it.

Oh, and this:

Baroque said...

Barf puke hurl vomit. :(

This sucks like a Hoover on so many levels. Epic suckage. :(

(I need more sad emoticons!)






Anonymous said...

Tyler - you are not wrong. You are actually being too generous. This isn't just a bad roster move - it is criminal that he is still in the league. There is no good spin to put on this.


Chris said...

Guy scores almost two thirds of a points per game. for that kinda money, he's a great 3rd line guy.

Worst case scenario, he sucks, he gets cut basically, and the Wings have the same line-up as you wrote.

Best case, the Bertuzzi comes back, is 3/4 of the player he once was, scores 30, all for 1.5 million.

This is a risky signing, but why the hell not? It isn't like he is a locker room cancer, that has never been mentioned on any team. Plus the Avs hate them some Bertuzzi.

For 2.5 million, the Wings got three of the best players out there. I would have rather had Prospal than Williams, but Prospal is a bit of a locker room cancer. The Wings obviously know what they are doing with Bert, they, you know, actually KNOW the guy.