August 26, 2009

Time wasting

If you are half the hockey nerd that I am and haven't visited the following sites, treat yourself to 14 straight hours not blinking. Here, briefly, are three of my favorites:

If you inexplicably obsess over line combos and pairings like I do, you may never look at another website again.

You can sort by individual player or team; even strength, shorthanded, or power play; or shifts by period. Curious about what two forwards Dan Cleary played with the most last season at 5-on-5? Zetterberg and Hossa. Which unit skated the most shifts together? Holmstrom/Datsyuk/Hossa. What defensive pair had the most short-handed ice time? Lidstrom and Lilja, 569 shifts. There's also a Line Production Tool on the sidebar. Interesting fact: the pairing of Lebda and Lilja had as many points (15) at even strength as Stuart and Kronwall.


Like the line combo thing, any page that includes mass amounts of sortable categories is a winner in my book.

Florida Panthers all-time record in playoff overtime games: 2-3. Number of wins in Boston Bruins history on Saturdays: 665.

And I'm sure that you are about to wet yourself in anticipation of this: the Red Wings' record against the Blues at home between the years of 1981 and 1988 during the regular season ... 13-11-4 (outscoring St. Louis 108 to 91). Remarkable, I know.


When God and Al Gore had sex and birthed the Internet, this was the creation that they had in mind. My god what a site.

Down the left hand side, you have every current NHL team plus some defunct ones. You can view a team's entire jersey history, with detailed descriptions of the most minute of changes from year to year. On the right hand side you can view the league's jerseys by year dating back to 1917.

The Wings have had pretty much the same jersey throughout their history, and yet, this site gives you 13 different alterations and tweeks since 1932. Hours of entertainment.

And: remember those old Lightning alternates? Probably my favorite jersey of all time. A hypnotizing mind-fuck piece of clothing.


Guilherme Calciolari said...
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cmk said...

PLEASE let the season begin--Tyler has completely gone over the edge! (Tigers aren't interesting enough for ya?) ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually, vintage hockey jerseys are an obsession of mine. Thanks for the link.

Tigers.... they won't be content until they literally kill me.


Mother Pucker said...

You've dug up some crazy shit, but I like it!

Chris said...

More time waster...thank god it is short.

Tyler said...

Chris, thank you for that. My favorite:

"The dog is not bored. It's a fucking dog."

And this Tig's team is PLENTY interesting -- I can't believe the performances of Washburn/Miner/Rodney last night and they not only give up only 3 runs, but win, in Anaheim. I don't know how TTD is going to look with them in a playoff race (and hopefully more) at the start of the Wings' season. Probably a vomit-y mess.

Gabriel P. said...

Line combinations? Wha..?


Oh. Oh no. Oh god damn you Tyler.

Guilherme Calciolari said...

That Bolts jersey is awesome. I wonder if Travis Pastrana ever wore it during competitions.

Puck Central said...

That line combination tool could be very helpful for fantasy hockey - thanks!