September 24, 2009

Lidstrom is player of the decade, Obvious Police reports

There are a little over three months left in this decade. Odds are that you're going to see 15 thousand more articles and TV shows just like this one by the Sporting News in the near future.

"Lidstrom is an anomaly—the first European-born player to win a Conn Smythe ( 2002) and the only one to captain a Stanley Cup champion ('08). But the Swedish defenseman's accomplishments cannot be trivialized. Twice in this decade—from 2001-03 and 2006-08—the 17-year veteran has three-peated as the winner of the Norris Trophy. In a word: ridiculous."

A quote from Stevie Y:

"Nick is your best player in training camp. He's your best player in preseason. He's your best player in the regular season. He's your best player in the playoffs. I'm not sure what else he could do."

And according to MacLeod -- their All Decade Team:

Jagr - Sakic - Iginla

Lidstrom - Niedermayer


I didn't see this all decade team on the original Sporting News story, so apparently MacLeod gets "director's cuts" of all the world's hockey articles before they hit the Internet. He also says that Ken Holland is recognized as the executive of the decade, Babcock as the top coach, and the Red Wings as the top team. Not bad.

Their game of the 2000's was the Pens/Flyers five overtime game. Personally, I refuse to acknowledge anything that includes heavy doses of Keith Primeau as the "best" of anything, unless we're talking about who is the biggest chode.

I for one can't read or watch enough of the "____ of the decade" stuff, as it narrowly surpasses my raunchy infatuation with lists. It doesn't even matter what they're talking about. If they did a two hour long show covering the top 10 Golden Girls episodes of the 80's, I'd not only watch it but probably live blog it. (I like the one where Betty White acts naive.)

Now that I've embarrassed away our entire readership ... Red Wings team of the Decade? Seems as though it would be hard given the transition in eras midway through, with each being very successful.


cmk said...

I probably would be watching the Golden Girls, too.

J.J. from Kansas said...

The 01-02 Cup winning team is probably the best Wings team of the decade, but my favorite is the 07-08 squad for being the team that said FU to the salary cap system that was supposed to have ruined them.

Triple Deke Staff said...

I worded that really poorly. I meant it like the "All-Red Wings team" of the 2000s. I would've tried one myself but I did this post in about 8 seconds, and something of that magnitude would probably take a while to think about.

Osgood, Lidstrom, Datsyuk and Zetterberg are all givens I suppose. And I guess Chelios is the other D-man, and Homer the other forward. I just have a feeling I'm overlooking something for some reason.

An All-decade 2nd team would be a lot tougher.

- Tyler

Triple Deke Staff said...

.... or perhaps Shanny over Homer. Albiet one less Cup, numbers are way better in fewer years. I guess Stevie would go before Homer too.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

- Tyler

Animal Drew said...

What happened to the Sega Previews? Did you preview Lidstrom? I don't remember seeing it and I'm curious as to what his simulation stats would be...get on that for me, would you?

J.J. from Kansas said...

You know me, Tyler. If there's a way for me to misunderstand something, I'll do it.

If I have to stick solely with this decade, then I definitely go with Shanny, Datsyuk, and Zetterberg up front. I'm not going to try the 2nd team thing. I've been stupid all week, I'm not taking any chances that I'll accidentally put Robert Lang on the forward line.

Triple Deke Staff said...

My school and work schedule have really crunched my time the last couple of weeks Drew. The previews aren't that long but they still end up being time consuming.

We had a Dan Cleary one going but Brent's computer crashed w/the photoshops on it. We might still get that done, but it's unsure. Mainly our thoughts and prayers are with Brent's Dell laptop now.

- Tyler