September 18, 2009

Preseason Game #2 -- Wings vs. Rangers



Work prevented me from watching what I gather was a rather shitty MSG feed of the Wings come-from-behind win tonight. Lord almighty, I don't think I'll be able to keep my pants dry until the Wings/Sabres game on FSD tomorrow.

But what we should really be celebrating is Malik's recovery from his seemingly incurable bout with dysentery or whatever he had. And he found an absolute gem today:

"Former Red Wings forward Yuri Butsayev's name has bounced around in the Russian press like nobody's business after being involved in a purported sex scandal in Finland, and the Edmonton Journal/'s Peter Adler posted the first real English-language account of the sordid tale. As Adler notes, the KHL's ridiculously close ties with the Russian government assured that Butsayev was eventually exonerated and released ...

... (Edmonton Journal) "According to allegations, later turned into police accusations, Butsayev was supposed to meet a local 25-year-old girl, invite her to a sumptuous dinner at the hotel his team was staying, at about 2 p.m. go for a walk with her to a nearby park, whence the young lady would emerge shortly afterwards, in tears, run to a hotel and report the rape. Butsayev would be arrested in his hotel shortly thereafter."


* Programming note: Five college classes have limited my free time, so I'm going to have to cut the Sega previews short somewhat. But I will try to fit in the most important ones before the start of the season. On the bright side, at least I'm not lost at sea somewhere.


Osrt said...

Your excuse is 5 classes? Such a punk bitch; you're catching next time.

Good luck man; let me know if you need any help with essays and such.

catchpa = jisbyi (I'm sayin...)

Triple Deke Staff said...

Thanks. It's actually an MSU record 18 classes that I'm taking but I was trying to be modest.

- Tyler

Markk said...

Eww enough with the TPSH links. I think I now know what morning sickness feels like, and I have a penis.

Triple Deke Staff said...