September 19, 2009

Preseason Game #3 -- Wings vs. Sabres


After everything that happened today, I could give a damn about this recap. But I have made it a goal to have a recap post after each pre/regular/post season game this year. Even if I'm proverbially slapping the reader in the face with a half-assed effort like this.

* It was one of "those" Wings games: out-shoot them 43-20; dominate play and set tempo throughout; other goalie pulls out a win.

* Tomas Tatar looks like he knows what he's doing with the puck. He managed to draw a few ooo's and ahh's. We should all pay close attention to this little tot (I'm so fucking witty) wherever he ends up playing this year.


* Sorry. Inappropriate.

* What comes to mind when you think "Jimmy Howard" ........ Uncomfortable? Uneasy? Erratic? Rebounds? Chafing? Vomiting? Bleeding? Anal Bleeding?

* Jakub Kindl has been in the Wings organization since he was 6. It's been forever. I like the way that he was moving the puck on the power play. You can tell he worked on Gordon Bombay's egg passing drill over the summer.

* Random thought: do the Sabres make the playoffs? Good coach, goalie, pretty deep at forward. Thin D corps could hold them back, but Lindy Ruff missing 3 straight playoffs in the parity era would be surprising. (Note: last year I said Lindy Ruff missing 2 straight playoffs in the parity era would be surprising.)

* You know the overused "he's worth the price of admission" thing? That should be saved only for Pavel Datsyuk. He's worth the price of a ticket, gas money and parking to go downtown and watch an otherwise meaningless game. Nearly a whole decade of this and I still can't believe some of the stuff he tries. The most impressive thing to me was during the final minute when he made a diving, hooking reverse poke-check to steal the puck and hold it in at the blue line.

* Next game: First roadie of the year, Monday, 7:00, @ New York Rangers.


mrfluffy02 said...

Charlie Weis really is a fat fuck. Surprised he finds his way to a victory over a dozen krispy kremes. Oh wait.

Howard you sunuva...

Someone remind me why McCollum can't be Ozzie's backup?

John W. said...

What a fucking day. First I get to watch that sorry excuse for a baseball stadium in Minnesota royally screw over the Tigers, then I get to watch Cousins get totally confused and throw the ball away when he had a guy open by 30 yards in the end zone and then not throw it away when he thought a fade away jump shot was the correct play. Follow that with the prototypical Wings dominating loss.

Hey, I hear Legace and Hasek are ava...sorry I can't even finish that.

cmk said...

Thank goodness I couldn't find the Tigers game to watch--and I don't do football, so I can't relate.

I swear I couldn't breathe every time the puck got near Howard--or even in the Wings end. Watching him in goal is NOT going to be good for my health. (Don't tell my doctor.)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I would pay big bucks just to watch Datsyuk do his practice drills. The man amazes me every time he's on the ice.

Osrt said...

Dangle is carrying the Russian Red Wing torch high; his sincerity and will are reminiscent of Vladdie and his ability to control play is that of Feds or Larionov. The pure dangle is all his. Feds could pull simple moves off at super high speeds and make them lethal. Dats can stand still and turn you around. Wicked.

Game was a big bag of suck.

Very impressed with Tatar (Colgate: So Fresh, So Clean). Abdelkader showed a strong ability to lead a line, but it will be a long time (if ever) until he can control the game.

Biggest challenge for a Wing goalie (say it with me)...remain focused despite facing <20 shots. Howard looked spastic at times; he had no real chance on those goals, although a bigger body and better positioning (McCollum) could have helped.

Can you believe I wrote this while drunk? I know...

monkey said...

Hey, it could be worse. Notre Dame could have won by two after missing a two point conversion, then recovering an onside kick, then botching a field goal, then getting another chance due to a stupid penalty, then hitting the field goal.

You gotta look for the silver lining.

But you know, there's always Lifetime.

Primis said...

I agree, Tatar caught my eye in a big way last night. I was more curious about Pyett and Kindl, but man, Tatar did not look at all out of place out there..

But did you REALLY just call Buffalo's forwards "deep"? They've got Pominville on the top line (would he even crack the top 2 on most rosters?), Hecht and Stafford on the 2nd (those are 3rd-line guys at best), and two guys in Mair and MacArthur on their 4th line that have no business even being in the NHL as regulars.

Yes their defense is poor, but just what.. two years ago (?) they had Briere, Drury, Dumont, Afinogenov... in addition to these guys they have now. Now, it's just a sad-sack crop of forwards.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Buf's forwards obviously aren't "Red Wings" deep, but I have no idea how you look at that lineup and see "sad sack". It's quite the contrary.

Do you seriously think Pominville wouldn't be a top six forward on "most teams"? Point totals of 66, 80, and 68 the last three years. You want to put a guy who is a little over a year removed from 80 points on most team's 3rd line?

Then there's Vanek, a top 50 talent at least. Throw in Derek Roy (70 points last year), Tim Connolly (47 pts in 48 gms), Stafford (20-25-45) and you have five guys who could nab 20 goals with Roy potentially going for 30 and Vanek for 40. And I have no idea where you're coming from with the MacArthur thing; enough talent to be a point-per-game player in the AHL who almost had 20 goals himself for the Sabres last year has no business in the NHL? Where are you getting all of this from?

- Tyler