September 21, 2009

Preseason Game #4 -- Wings @ Rangers



I cut a class that I probably shouldn't have in order to watch the Wings lose a preseason game in which they dressed like two of their regulars, Dan Cloutier, a rhino, and I think Dave Coulier. It's not so bad though, I'm not on speaking terms with Michigan State at the moment anyway (long story short: they slept with my girlfriend.) So what was the best way to show them I'm not to be messed with? Start a torrid love affair with Lansing Community College, grab my ankles and hope that the Wings got out of MSG without any more groin mishaps.

  • It was an ugly, sloppy first period. Sloppy and wet; like a newspaper that got left out in the rain, and then you go to pick it up after 3 hours and you get all the ink and mud and paper clumps on your hands. That's what the first period was -- it was like having the bloody muddy ink clumps of Brad Stuart's turnover prone retard hands spread all over your living room walls.
  • Datsyuk was again brilliant. And after watching these last two games, I realize that I'm going to think about Datsyuk's thigh bruise/charley horse thing from the playoffs for the rest of my life. I'm not making excuses; I don't like playing the "they didn't earn it" card, or any other card aside from "we lost". But I'll always, always wonder "what if".
  • Dan Cloutier, the goalie guy, came in to relieve Daniel Larsson midway through the 2nd period. He was wearing a black helmet and black pads. To say he looked ridiculous would be an insult to Charlie Weis' mammoth frontal ass.
  • If you think that you were in disbelief that Dan Cloutier played a game for the Red Wings, was apparently right with you. Their goalie stats from the box score reveal that the Wings played the final half hour of the game without a goaltender.
  • Shots by period: 4-18 ... 16-4 ... 10-8
  • As a part of their plan to shore up their penalty kill with an infinite amount of practice, the Wings put the Rangers on the power play eight times, and allowed two goals.
  • Marian Gaborik made a really nice play on the Rangers' second goal, holding onto the puck forever, gliding around the net and finding Enver Lisin for a one-timer. Gaborik had the puck so long that my right eye pulled it's hamstring watching him.
  • Justin Abdelkader helped set up Kirk Maltby who in turn helped confuse the fuck out of all people watching this game as he notched a one-timer goal from the circle.
  • I thought Larsson hung in there pretty well after giving up the three goals. The first one resulted from a failed clear, the second one on the Gaborik setup, and the third occurred after Kindl choked on his own scrotum along the boards and turned the puck over. As for Cloutier, he wasn't really tested all that much, but in the end I was shocked that he didn't give up a single goal. To be honest, I was left feeling oddly disappointed.
  • Next game: Tomorrow, 7:00, @ Philadelphia Flyers


cmk said...

My internet video feed was all screwed up, so I didn't get to see much of the game. However, listening to it, I seemed to hear only Datsyuk, Franzen, Leino, and Filppula's names mentioned. Almost as if there were no other players for the Wings. Were the rest so terrible or was it just that the announcers didn't know who any of the rest were?

Granted, there haven't been many games played, but I have a few observations. (I know you are waiting with bated breath for THIS.) Anyway, I'm not happy to see some of the things still in place from last year: too many penalties, not keeping the other team from scoring empty-netters, not being able to score empty-netters, and not showing up for the game till the third period. Is this going to continue or is this just a problem with the non-regulars playing? Stay tuned.

Triple Deke Staff said...

I think too often I/we say when announcers are shitty and not when they're good. So I'll say that I liked the NYR crew. I've heard a number of their games and I never get too annoyed. They made a decent attempt to talk about the Wings here and there while still being Ranger-y.

And yeah, it was pretty much just those guys who had strong games. Franzen looked strong even though failed to finish off a play or two, but he threw his weight around a little bit. There were a number of dumbass mistakes though.

- Tyler

cmk said...

I had no problem with whoever I was listening to last night--they all were fine. Because of the 'issues' I was having, I heard the NYR announcers for half the time and the Detroit ones for half. Can't imagine how hard it is trying to remember who is on the ice--especially in the pre-season.

RT said...

The only solace I can take in MSU football this year is that they made the MSU-UM game a noon game instead of a 330 game which would have interfered heavily with some other very important event on that day at around 3pm.

Also, as an MSU student and football fan (i think "emotional martyr" is a better description) I'd just like to say Go LCC Stars!

mrfluffy02 said...

I'm still thinking "Hail, Skroob" everytime I see Cloutier.