September 23, 2009

Preseason Game #5 -- Wings @ Flyers



I didn't see, hear, refresh/update or pretend to know anything about this game tonight. From the looks of it, I'm glad I didn't. By "looks of it" I'm of course ignoring the meaningless score and referring to the pregame lineup I saw:

Ritola-Emmerton-Jason Williams




  • Ericsson and Newbury scored the Wings goals. Does it feel like we lose every game in which Ericsson scores, or do I think this way because he scored the lone goal in the losing game of the Stanl--

... Oh right, didn't happen.
  • I don't think the game was televised, but if I'm wrong and somebody caught a stream of it I'd love to hear some amateur analysis. I've only seen boring AP releases in which they claim that Newbury's goal came on a give-and-go with Kris Draper, which of course has to be a complete fabrication.
  • Something bothers the shit out of me about how we have to call him "Danny" Briere now. I don't know. "Dany" Heatley doesn't bother me. Nor does it for Bonaduce or DeVito. I think it's because I can't not think that it's short for Danielle when I look at him.
  • Pronger played 20 minutes, which is practically an off night compared to the absurd 26:04 he played in the preseason opener.
  • Next game: Friday, 7:30, vs. Toronto Maple Leafs


mrfluffy02 said...

Lidstrom wasn't a minus last night. I'd say that's one positive aspect of last night's game, but if he ever turned in a minus I think the world would stop spinning.

cmk said...

Thankfully, my interweb troubles continued last night. Heard a few minutes of the game--and that was way too much.