September 28, 2009

Preseason Game #8 -- Wings vs. Penguins


No recap from me this morning, busy weekend blah blah blah. On days when I don't see a game, I'm going to throw up a post like this where I completely lie I say real life prevented me from seeing a game, write down the score, tell a dick joke or two and then be on my way. My goal (if there is such as thing as having "goals" for a free blog that pays me nothing) is to have a recap post or one with at least a score on it for each game this year, for consistency's sake. It's all about consistency, man. Like having a season preview for Derek Meech and Kirk Maltby but not Nick Lidstrom. Con-sist-en-cy.


I was happy to read:

  • that Jimmy Howard had a good game. I'm having trouble picturing what that looked like, but whatever.
  • Rafalski had 4 assists.
  • Only two Pittsburgh power plays
  • No Max Talbot in this game.

Pointless Predictions on the upcoming NHL season later this week.

Next game: Wednesday, in Sweden, 1:00 PM Eastern time against Farfegnugen or some shit.


Animal Drew said...

No Talbot Monster...Datty slept well on the plane last night, I hope that I'm so lucky. I bought the double disc version of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" just for the flight to Sweden because it had the digital copy of it for my iPod...yes, I still left room for the Ting Tings and "That's not my Name".

Triple Deke Staff said...

That's exactly what I picture you listening to.

Have fun in Sveden. We'll have to play NHL 10 one of these days when we're both in the same country and not busy.

- Tyler

cmk said...

I actually was able to breathe during most of yesterday's game--despite Howard being in net. He didn't do badly. Hope it continues.

Fox said...

Emilio Esteves doesn't pay for the pub? That's a crime.