October 3, 2009

Game #1 -- Red Wings vs. Blues


The good ol' NHL's back in town (or more precisely, way the fuck out of town), and for the second straight season a lackluster Opening Night results in a one goal loss. Lucky for us, Def Leppard didn't turn a trophy upside down after the game to put another 50 years of bad luck on us, so we only have 49 more cursed seasons to trudge through.

Brief game thoughts:
  • Kris Draper turned about 9 years younger and used the assistance of a referee to help do the dirty work for the first goal of the year, put in by Jonathan Ericsson. It was a little mind-blowing. Big E then left the game later after hurting his ankle, but it shouldn't be too big of a deal. To not freak out about it, just remember that he's not Andrei Markov right now.
  • Kirk Maltby scored a shorthander for the Wings second goal. It was really mind-blowing. He even roofed it like he knew what he was doing.
  • The Wings lost out on some power play opportunities, scoring only once with Ville Leino's wrister in the 2nd period, which was more due to a rush than an actuall PP setup.
  • Then the '08-09 regular season nonsense started happening, and the Blues came to life with three unanswered goals. Franzen took his second penalty of the game, which led to the Blues first goal in the comeback; then Ozzie went limp and gave up a gift rebound for the equalizer; Paul Kariya got his second of the game to make it 4-3, and the Wings couldn't respond in the third. It was all probably because they're old and lost 90 goals in the offseason.
  • Ozzie had a sterling save percentage of 82%; Chris Mason on the other hand was stellar even though he gave up three, and had a few huge saves that prevented the Wings from taking a 3 or 4 goal lead.
  • Bertuzzi was a minus-2 and raped at least four people. That 2nd line either just looked sluggish from not being in playing shape, or Ms. Baroque has the nail right on the head with Bert making his linemates like 60% less effective than they actually are.
  • The Tigers are killing me. Literally fucking killing me. If they don't pull this thing out, it would cap off an epic year of Championship/late season failures of my favorite teams. To be perfectly honest, I'd take a Wings loss tomorrow coupled with State losing by 70 and Mark Dantonio being outed as the 20th hijacker if it meant the Twins would lose and the Tigers would win.
  • New Triple Deke feature this season (OH SNAP, NEW FEATURE Y'ALL): Top 3 Wings of the Game:

#3 ~ Ville Leino: 1 goal, played well with Flip and should make for an exciting duo.

#2 ~ Kris Draper -- 1 very good assist in his knew role at Right Wing (still taking draws, went 5 of 8.)

#1 ~ Kirk Maltby -- Goal and an assist; also got caught by Versus cameras yelling "Fucking dive!" after BJ Crombeen felt his own urine trickle down his leg and collapsed.


Chris said...

Really? I steal everything else from you guys, you steal the top three Wings of the game? That's not ok, bitches....

Ok I know you didn't read NOHS, just want to act like I care. I actually like your top three better than mine anyways.

Triple Deke Staff said...

That's pretty funny. Honestly I got home from work a little while go, didn't open up any Interwebs at all, wrote something quickly so that I wouldn't suck at having a hockey site, and have been counting down the hours til UofM t-bags us tomorrow. I would encourage all to read the NOHS 'cap by Chris, it's more thorough and entertaining (and I've been doing this for two years; Chris has for about two minutes.)

- Tyler

Osrt said...

its crazy that those old war horses are making a major impact; shows you the value of veterans that don't like being thought of as useless

12 hour party day today and another tomorrow; awesome.

Anonymous said...

Maltby - Hurray for the old guy! Kind of a depressing start to the season, actually. But, compared to the Tigers, it was the highlight of my day. The Tigers are actually TRYING TO KILL ME. My god, this is going to be a long day. First a family gathering UofM/State thingy, then my painful evening of lighting candles and cursing Mr. Aubrey Huff. Hey, every sports debacle needs a scapegoat and Mr. Huff works for me.

Sorry to talk Tigers on the Red Wing thingy - but honestly - they are killing me.


Baroque said...

Tigers. Those damn Tigers. Those god damn farking TIGERS. If they can't finish this off, it will be the second time in a month that a baseball team curb-stomped my heart (my local minor-league team lost - but at least they made it in the playoffs!)

I swear, my death certificate is going to list "Tiger-induced heart attack" as a cause of my demise.

Thank god for Greinke. May he pitch like the Cy Young winner he should be if the voters have a nanogram of sense between them.

And it was pretty cool having hockey back as well.