October 28, 2009

Game #10 -- Red Wings @ Canucks


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..............

  • Vancouver scored 30 seconds into the game. Me and my friends tuned it 40 seconds into the game. That was a very disappointing feeling. Osgood? More like Osbad. Do you get it? Do you understand my jokes?
  • Young James was dynamite when he had to be, except for a 5-on-3 goal that shouldn't have taken place to begin with. Good on him to finally get a win. I loved the stone job he did on Kesler in the 3rd period, who made a world class move in getting around Ericsson and then doing what 50% of people try in NHL 10 online: deke to the inside like you're coming out front, but instead swoop behind for the wrap around. Kesler played his move to perfection and was still denied.
  • Ryan Johnson going headfirst into the boards was a horrifying scene. I haven't seen an update on his condition other than he can move his limbs and stuff. I thought the dude was fucking dead on impact. Not really, but still.
  • I seem to recall once getting involved in a minor intertube squabble with a maternal memed troll at a certain acronym-heavy website over the skating prowess of Pavel Datsyuk. I hope this person saw Pav's first goal of the season. And congratulations if you actually understood what I just said.
  • Employee #44 once again looked pretty good.
  • Did Fil get faster somehow, or am I just paying less attention to his hair? I liked that burst of speed he used to draw a hooking penalty (which resulted in a goal, and also prompted Ken Daniels to say the words "PENALTY SHOT???" for like the 9ooth time.)
  • Datsyuk is on my fantasy team and I forgot to set my lineup yesterday, so he was benched. Yeah.
  • I like having Brad May around.
  • I don't mind Holmstrom either. I love this man. He's been nothing short of his own ESPN Classic episode through the first ten games.
  • The Triple Deke's top 3 Wings
#3 ~ Tomas Holmstrom (1 goal, 1 assist). Luongo's nose is brown after Homer's performance.

#2 ~ Pavel Datsyuk (2 goals, 1 assist). Probably could have had six or seven goals if he wasn't collecting social security and pooping himself.

#1 ~ Jimmy Howard (20/22 on saves). He really showed his sack tonight. Getting dropped into a smorgasbord of suck after Ozzie's corpse was removed, and going against the elite-iest of goalies, he didn't disappoint.


Doug said...

Last night was a gutsy, team galvanizing win. The kind of win that gives a team confidence and momentum. The wings will build on this, it was huge for us and should set us up well for the next few weeks. We battled in this game, and won a hard fought contest, we need wins like that.

J.J. from Kansas said...

Datsyuk may be able to skate and score goals, but he's still a washed-up has-been shell of his former self.

That wrap-around shit never works for me. Maybe it's because computer defensemen are harder to get out of position?

Natalie said...

"Luongo's nose is brown after Homer's performance."


hockeychic said...

I would have to agree with Doug, it felt to me as if something really shifted in the Wings after Datsyuk scored..maybe I'm imagining it (most likely) but it felt really good seeing the team come together and get the win. I still believe that #44 is cursed but that again is my own illogical way of thinking.

Love this post. Great to start out the morning laughing (as we are getting buried in snow today).

Chris in Hockey Hell said...

"I loved the stone job he did on Livonia native Ryan Kesler in the 3rd period"


I laugh everytime Ken Daniels does that shit. He just can't NOT do it.

Animal Drew said...

"Luongo's nose is brown after Homer's performance."

Not just broken, but missing. Holmer will find it the next time he tries to take a poop.

Triple Deke Staff said...

That wrap-around shit never works for me. Maybe it's because computer defensemen are harder to get out of position?

Actually I should've said NHL 09, not 10. I think they kind of fixed that (I don't have the game, the only time I get to play it is when I invite myself over to Brent's house. Right Brent? Oh, computer's still broken.) We destroyed people with that move but stopped after a while because it was too cheap.

I hope Mr. Doug is right. This was a good game and it had to feel really good to win it. I'll wait until a wins from now to drop my pants, I don't want to jinx anything.

- Tyler

Osrt said...

"I'll wait until a wins from now to drop my pants, I don't want to jinx anything."

Never ever ever jinx the junk.

Fun game to watch if you're into mixing uppers and downers.

cmk said...

When the game was over last night, I didn't threaten to kick my cat. She wants to thank the Wings very, very much.