October 30, 2009

Game #11 -- Red Wings @ Oilers


I'm calling "turtle" on this one. Too much to process in too short of a time.

Forget about how awful the game looked before it got to 5-1. Forget about the surprising names that got on the score sheet to bring us back. Forget about that damn pig flu.

Just know that Fil is done for the next two months and that blows an incomprehensible number of balls. Not just for the team, but for him; he's played too well for that to happen. That sucks. Sucks puckered asshole.

'09 can eat a veiny.


cmk said...

Just as I was starting to recover from the flu. I feel like vomiting. This was his year and now this. I guess the holiday season started very early for me. (I hate the holidays--this makes this year even worse.)

Osrt said...

Shit is just shitty.

Fox said...

Maybe it is time to pimp Nylander's preformance in Grand Rapids to Dynamo; of course, they'd need to drop a foreigner to make room. And then you'd need a pro-rated $2.875M.

Anonymous said...

Employing #44 invites all the bad luck in the universe to come visit. There, I've said it. What??? You have a better explanation for the 2009/2010 season so far?


Guilherme Calciolari said...

Won't this month ever end? Next game is still Oct 31, so maybe we'll lose abou 13 other players against Calgary. And, and there's time for Detroit to announce all the 6 players that caught H1N1.

hockeychic said...

Tram said exactly what I have been thinking. #44 is cursing this team.

Is October the new February?

Triple Deke Staff said...

I'll totally buy the Curse of 44. I don't care how irrational that is. Plus we're still rocking another 49 years of the Def Leppard Curse, so those two things together produce some sort of solar eclipse/time warp/full blown AIDS thing.

Baroque said...

Employing #44 invites all the bad luck in the universe to come visit.

That has been my theory all along. From the day that shambling primate was signed, I knew nothing good could come of it.

Still, it might be nice to get a lottery pick out of it. Since everyone says the way to build a winner is tank, get a high draft pick to build around, and so forth.

At least this team won't have to be crappy for more than a year and then they can build right back up.

Baroque said...

I also wonder if anyone who lived through the 1960's could tell me what it was like to take the brown acid - because watching this team this season feels like what I imagine a bad LSD trip would feel like. :(