October 3, 2009

Game #2 -- Red Wings @ Blues


Jimmy Howard sucks. There's your recap.


I've come to the conclusion that I like too many sports. Too emotionally invested in too many teams. Too much stress from some relatively inconsequential things. What a weird day.


Baseball can be such a slow, agonizingly painful experience. As a Tigers fan I feel like I've been bleeding to death for the last week. I have a million things to say about this team and none of it makes sense, so I'll stop.


I'm just going to enjoy this win and pretend that the first two games didn't happen. So happy (and surprised) with the outcome. After the inevitable Taint Forcier comeback, two decades of history prepared me for an MSU loss. But instead we got a humongous win.


Probably just going to do something outdoors tomorrow and avoid TV. I'll be back next week as the Wings prepare for a must win in their third game of the season.


cmk said...

Bad, bad, bad weekend. The Wings sucked, the Tigers sucked, and my dryer crapped out in the middle of doing laundry. Only highlight: our local Junior team swept their series! Next week HAS to be better, right? My mood is >:(

mrfluffy02 said...

The only thing that made today any worse was me balancing my check book.

Borrowing a quote here-


Baroque said...

Good news - Verlander is going on Sunday.

Bad news - he isn't hitting, too.

//heavy sigh

Baroque said...

Okay, early morning voice-of-attempted-logic:

The Wings have played 2.4% of their season and there is zero chance that they will actually wind up 0-82 by the end of the season. Ditto that Vancouver will be 0-82, or that St. Louis and Colorado (!) will both be 82-0. Still really freaking early and I think once all the pageantry and attention of the opening in Sweden is behind them the team will be able to settle down and concentrate. I'll be worried if, like the Baltimore Orioles, they start off 21-0. :)

Would you have expected the Tigers to be contenders at the beginning of the season? Logically, I expected them to be around 0.500 and be comfortably ensconced in about third place in the division. It hurts because they have been in first so long that to lose it now would suck, but they have exceeded my expectations for sure (and probably yours, too, if you think back to spring training).

Could be worse - we could be fans of the Nationals!

Baroque said...

Oh, and I've been yakking my head off commenting about the Tigers on www.blessyouboys.com, so if you need to cry on the shoulders of other Tigers fans, please stop by. We've got a pretty solid support group going there by now. It's better than watching the games alone and frightened and nervously drinking. :)

Anonymous said...

Tram cannot make it to the keyboard. She is in mourning and shock. Maybe if she has a good day today......

Tram's Assistant

Osrt said...

good thing i didn't pick yesterday to quit cocaine and hookers