October 18, 2009

Game #7 -- Red Wings vs. Avalanche


I had the distinct privilege of missing this game, so this will be brief.

  • Third time in seven games that the Wings have had a two goal lead and lost. Regardless of what time of the year it is, that's really bad. I don't care about "new" or "old" NHL -- two goal lead in the 3rd period at home should equal a win.
  • My friend updating me on the game sent me a text when it was 2-0 saying "Goals from Bertuzzi and Abdelkader". It looked so odd that I saved it. Definitely one of those strange images you want to preserve, like if you were to see a UFO or Claude Lemieux burning alive.
  • Bert was a 3 Stars selection for the second straight game. I'm working through a 47-step program that will allow me to say something positive about him, but I'm still a ways off. I'm having trouble getting past Step #1: "Stop watching hockey".

  • Five game road trip starts in Phoenix next week. The Coyotes beat the Bruins 4-1 tonight to improve to 5-2 ..... in three games against Pittsburgh, San Jose and Boston, they've allowed a total of one goal. Surprised? Shame on you. You forgot about this mother fucker right here:


Baroque said...

Seriously, winning in a skills competition in a game in OCTOBER is the best moment of their lives? Not the playoffs, not late in the season in a playoff race, but in freaking OCTOBER?

My god that is so pathetic.

I just can't get upset about the game. Giving up the lead was awful, but it isn't as though it doesn't happen to everyone else. The effort was overall very solid, they were cost one goal on a bad line change which I put down firmly in the category of error of timing or judgement instead of effort, and I don't count anything that happens in a shootout because it isn't real hockey. Meh - they are improving game by game and it's just October. The trends are in the right direction for a change.

I saw a lot of good things out of Detroit, actually. And without Forsberg, Roy, and Lemieux I can't find enough about the Avalanche to really hate. They are a completely different team now and I have no experience of hating this group of players at all yet.

Anonymous said...

@ Baroque

Yes, it isn't as much fun to hate these Avs, but I am willing to try.

I am not feeling so positive about the Wings effort. SHOULD have won.
I only saw the end of the 3rd period and the overtime. Really can't get a feel yet for these guys.


hockeychic said...

Ugh, I'm still mad but maybe because I'm going to hear all about this on Monday at work and not in a pleasant way.

TDT - I'm with you, I'm still trying to find positive things to say about #44 and I am not there. My friend texted me after his goal and I said, "All I will say is I'm glad we're up 2-0."

Much better effort from the Wings.

Oh and on the Avs. I hate me some Cody McLeod.

Anonymous said...

@ Hockeychic

"#44" - Oh, I like that. Let's not refer to him by name. I didn't see all of the game, but they showed a clip of him sitting in the penalty box. I don't know what for. I supposed we should get used to seeing that.


Baroque said...

@ Tram -

I can't really hate a team so much as hate players on the team, and then the feeling spreads. I have a lot fewer bad feelings about the Ducks now that Pronger is no longer on the team, and I struggle to even like the Wings with the Unabomber on the roster. I'd be much happier if he blew out his ACL instead of Franzen, for example. I wouldn't even feel bad about it.

Up until the third period Detroit looked very good, and then a couple lapses led to the first goal and once a game is a one-shot game there is no telling what can happen. They still are so discombobulated at times, and if an opponent takes advantage of those mistakes ... well, it's the same result as if the Wings take advantage of the mistakes of inexperience of a younger team. Anyone can make mistakes of inattention during a game, it's a question of will the oppenent be able to see them and jump on them.

Honestly I was expecting very little of the team before the season started anyway. I'm not really sure why, it just didn't feel like they would do much more then muddle into the playoffs and lose in the second round. Which is a successful season for the most part, especially if they manage it while developing the younger players they are going to need in the next few years because they can't just go out and pay for serviceable veterans for so many spots on the roster.

With the constraints of the salary cap, the depth a team has is their younger inexperienced players. No one has the luxury of leaving players in the minors until they are fully ready because they can't afford it financially, so when depth players are needed, if they youngsters are capable of filling in, the team will be alright. If they aren't ready, the team is going to struggle because they don't have any other options than to go with the young players they already have in the system and hope they learn quickly, as they can't find anyone else because they haven't got the financial flexibility.

If it's any consolation, the rest of the league is going to be in the same boat. No one is going to have anything more than a short window to win when the key players are in their primes, the young stars are just at the point of cashing in but currently still on bargain contracts so they all fit under the cap for now, and the bargain pickups all work as planned. I think that winning championships might have even more of an element of luck than they have before, because a plan is going to have to work as envisioned and there can be no key injuries, no unexpected down years for important players, and everything has to work out exactly right for that year before the excess salary is cut, a few of the best players are let go while the ones that can be afforded are kept, and the team sinks back toward "mediocre to solid to good" from "very good to excellent."

But consistently good teams are bad for business, so the jackasses in suits tell us, so what do I know.

//heavy sigh

I just can't like this team as much as I liked them last year. And I wonder if it's worth the effort to even try.

Baroque said...

And I'm not sure that I'm so much positive as resigned to the situation. This is the CBA that was negotiated, with all the benefits and flaws intact. Maybe it will be fixed after the next lockout, since the last one clearly didn't make the owners any brighter. Or more likely I just won't care anymore.

Shane Giroux said...

"My god that is so pathetic."

Come on, Baroque. I know that loss was annoying for Wings fans but did it take away your sense of humor as well? ;)

We've got a young team to cheer for who are winning games you wouldn't expect them to win. So sure, we're going to have some fun with it when they pull one out of their butts.

Baroque said...
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Triple Deke Staff said...

Sorry about your friend Baroque.

- Tyler

Shane Giroux said...

@Baroque - I can honestly say I'm sorry to hear that. I've recently dealt with a close person passing on and it never gets any easier. But do keep in mind the prospect that the poll was intended as humorous and in the spirit of enjoying a fun moment, which last night was regardless of it's ultimate place in the grand scheme of things.

hockeychic said...

Baroque - I am so sorry about your friend. It is a horrible, horrible disease. I lost a friend this year to cancer this year and I just wish I had words of comfort other than I am really sorry.

Joliet said...

shitty, shitty game. Oh well, still roughly 75 left to fix it. can't wait to get D and Mule back :-)

Baroque said...

Forgive the previous outburst, folks - I have not had the best weekend at all and shouldn't have snapped at people out of a short temper.

It won't happen again.

Osrt said...

Jeebus Baroque, why are you such a bitch all the time? It's been getting on my years these past few years.

So, Ms. B's analysis is spot on but downright scary for our team. We were essentially looking at another 10-15 years of *dominance* if not for the cap (ass), but we'll be much more even now. This is not a fun fact to acknowledge, so I won't. I'm going to continue to expect a Cup every year and yell if I don't get my way.

Seems perfectly legitimate.