October 25, 2009

Game #9 -- Red Wings @ Avalanche


After the football game, I watched last 25 or so minutes of this one with the enthusiasm of a corpse. Think 'Mary Kate Olson staring at a cheeseburger' and you can picture it pretty well. This will be brief.

  • In reading dozens of different takes on the game this morning, my brain is scrambled over the varying number of opinions. Most seasons it's pretty concentrated to one area, but at the moment you have a Wing-nation spectrum that ranges from "They're on the cusp of turning it around" to "We're fucked". It's incredible. And I think I read too much ... I have one opinion as I go to bed, and I wake up and read something totally different from commenters or writers whose thoughts I hold in high regard and it gets me thinking too much.
  • Example: Malik's recap was viscerally intense. I think he killed a guy while writing it. The gist of it being that the 49 shots-on-goal masked an outing that wasn't fundamentally sound in any area of the ice. He would also like you shut up.
  • On the other end, at the new and improved Babcock's Death Stare, Kyle chalks up a ton of credit to Craig Anderson and tries to keep things optimistic: "For now, it's not the end of the world. It's not time to shake it up with a trade, but it's just time to go out and win."
  • And the second goal that Howard gave up: I have rarely seen anything like this. You either think that Jimmy is completely absolved because it was a great shot/Lebda deflected it, or you want to eat his children. There is no middle ground. I've read that Jimmy was correctly moving with the shooter from right to left, and I've also read that he wasn't. I never played goalie on my shitty hockey teams as a kid so I don't have any kind of expertise in this department. I thought it was more shot/Lebda than Howard after watching it.
  • #44 had his best game of the season by far. Brad Watson's a dick.
  • The Lebda-Ericsson pairing has to change. Right now. It's not working. Those two shouldn't even be allowed to look at one another.
  • I'm not panicking yet. Things are going to turn around within the next couple weeks because the "cap excuse" is bullshit and this team is still way too good, and I don't buy that Babcock is such a stubborn meathead that he won't make necessary adjustments or preparations.


John W. said...

I didn't notice, was that Watson last night that waived off Bert's goal 3 seconds after it went in? That's the same stupid fuck that waived off Hossa's goal last Spring against Anaheim.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Yeah, blew the whistle a split second after the wrap-around attempt occurred.

John W. said...

Between Watson thinking about blowing whistles and O'Halloran worrying about Homer's ass it's a wonder the Wings ever score sny goals.

Osrt said...

Rough day.

Life will get better because god invented coke, hookers and morning head.

Baroque said...

Watson, O'Halloran, and Randy Marsh are at the top of my personal officiating sh!t list right now. A bunch of blind, incompetent gibbons, the bunch of them.

Triple Deke Staff said...


Either you made up this insult, or you're the first to use it since about 1850. Whatever the case, it's going in the "remember to steal" file.

Chris said...

I want to see this file.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Chris, off the top of my head:

1) "Gibbons" (Baroque)
2) the time you said "eat a veiny one"
3) the replacement of Bert's name with "#44" (I think this was Cmk, or Hockeychic ... it was definitely a lady commenter, I know that much .... or if I'm wrong and it was a dude, I'm sorry)
4) Anything ever written by Rudy Kelly at Battle of California.
5) J.J's "Time zones" joke, which I've stolen at least six times.
6) Probably a half dozen others that I can't remember right now.

- Tyler

hockeychic said...

Oh my goodness...something I said actually resonated with someone? Shock! Yes, that was me that refers to #44 by number only. I'm still not convinced that his signing hasn't cursed the Wings this season.me.

I was waaaaaaay up at the top (two rows from the top) on Saturday so I did not see the puck go in the net on #44's wraparound attempt. I'm thinking he might want to leave his arms down until the red light goes on - he did that twice on Saturday. When the second goal went in against Howard, I just buried my head in my hands while everyone around me was cheering. Blech.

TDT - I'm glad I'm not the only one that admires Rudy Kelly. His post about the Kings signing Ryan Symth remains one of my favorites.

Joseph said...

Brad Watson needs either two things. One he need glasses or two (the one I prefer) a new job. Seriously? Two bad calls in two straight games this year, and then you've got the non-goal for Hossa from last year's playoffs. As for the second goal I have played goalie for a couple kid league teams and all I can say is that you're totally ****ed up once that puck get deflected. You're moving the way you think the puck should be going and it goes right past you. Happened to me four times in one game, (off each of my 4 defenders stick and past me. We lost 6-0.)

Baroque said...

I didn't make up anything!

Gibbons are legitimate primates - very long arms, noisy, nimble in trees and comically clumsy on the ground (picture here: http://www.phuket-safari-travel.com/images/Gibbon_.jpg.jpg )

I often call people gibbons or baboons or lemurs or other non-human primates. :)

J.J. from Kansas said...

Ah, I'd almost forgotten about the time zones joke. Man, Pronger was always good for material.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Honest to Christ it may have been the funniest one-liner that I've ever read. Many have come close, but you won the universe forever on that day. When that baby of yours is born, it's the first thing you should show him/her/it. I have dug it up for those that are completely in the dark:

Dateline -- April 29, 2009. Just prior to our 2nd round matchup with the Ducks. Enter J.J at Abel to Yzerman:

"Chris Pronger will end his career out west. That’s because the last person who tried explaining time zones to him was beaten to death when Pronger deduced he must be from the future."

Okay so it was two lines ... it was from back in the Day. Back when Baroque had no avatar, HTT didn't make inflammatory anti-Wing comments every day, and when we still really really hated the Ducks. I miss hating those guys.

- Tyler

Baroque said...

I don't even use the number 44. I just call it "that thing in the Red Wings jersey that should have blown out a knee instead of Franzen."

That mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, slack-jawed troglodyte. :(

hockeychic said...

Oh Baroque, I love it. I'm going to start using that too!

@TDT - I get what you mean about the Ducks. They were playing the Leafs last night and all I could muster was a "meh." I still despise Corey Perry and Getzlaf but without Pronger...it just loses steam.