October 13, 2009


Finally back after the long weekend. Nashville was nice. We were at a mall when I was inches away from buying a game-worn pair set Barry Trotz's underwear but decided against it. I instead went with the suspenders.

Now, I'm trying to do some catching up. Am I understanding this correctly: Bertuzzi played on the top line against Washington? And it wasn't a total disaster? This according to Babcock, at least.

He didn’t pick up any points in Saturday’s 3-2 victory over Washington, but his hustle and defensive play prompted coach Mike Babcock to say it was the best he’s seen Bertuzzi perform “in a number of years.” (Khan)

Fuck off. His hustle and defensive play? I don't believe this.

Also according to Khan, Helm may return to the lineup in Buffalo tonight. This would be good for obvious reasons, but also because I'm tired of hearing the word "AC joint".

Practice lines:

Zetterberg-Datsyuk-Bertuzzi (Maltby working in)
May-Draper-Eaves (Helm working in)


Osgood (starting)


We're back to the regularly lazy and inconsistent programming now, so a recap post is likely after the Sabres game perhaps maybe sort of probably.


Anonymous said...

You were in Nashville? I live 45 minutes south of there. I could have hooked you up with some "black market" Preds stuff. Dirt cheap. I could have got you the whole team for about 2 bills.

Chris in Hockey Hell said...

The above comment is mine. Stupid ass wasn't paying attention.

Tyler said...

I had a feeling it was you as I was reading it. Your trademark voice is so soothing and calm. It haunts my dreams.

Chris said...

Malts was working in on the first line? Maybe the team is realizing his scoring potential FINALLY.

Chris in Hockey Hell said...

If you were still in Nashville last night, you probably heard me lauging my ass off at the 6-1 beatdown Edmonton put on them at the SoGay. I loved it.

Tyler said...

I think Malts being on the first line helps prepare Pav and Z for that "WTF" feeling when Bert skates along side them later tonight. But what do I know, I haven't seen a Wings game in weeks, it feels like.

By last night I was making my way through Indiana (I always forget how "southern" much that state is ... I'm not what you would call a well-traveled man). I did get my picture taken in front of the 'Gay, however. It smells like cabbage.

Chris in Hockey Hell said...

"I did get my picture taken in front of the 'Gay, however. It smells like cabbage."

You should see it on game night (shudder)

Chris said...

Dude, fuck Indiana. Worst state than even Canada.

BTW, I got a post up over at Drew's place of business (NOHS) previewing tonight's game. I thought you were dead Tyler, so I needed to jump in as pointless preview man.

Tyler said...

Yeah Miller appears to be in good form. He certainly was during the Wings/Sabres preseason game, when the Wings did everything but finish with more goals. I sense a potentially frustrating night.

Chris said...

Who's talking about Miller? I think you are referring to Drew's actual preview.

Tyler said...

It appears I was reading Drew's. While you are thriving with the pointless previews, I'm re-claiming my position as an illiterate fucktard. "Eat a veiny one" was priceless and went into the "remember to steal" file for the near future.

Chris said...

Btw, its obvious I need the self esteem boost by making others read my work.

And its a fuckin Chris party in this comment section.

Baroque said...

Thank you for pushing that baseball score off the screen.