November 17, 2009

Brendan Shanahan retires

Shanny is my second favorite Wing of all time. I think. I'm pretty sure. I don't know. I'll determine that on another day with complicated formulas and stuff.

I liked his style and personality. The same thing is probably being written on a trapper keeper about Zac Efron somewhere, but so be it. He was an interesting guy to have in Detroit for 10 years. He could score, hit, lead, fight, and score again if needed. And his playoff goatee was more influential in my life as a kid than either of my parents. It was pretty badass.

At the 2:38 mark is my favorite Shanny goal. You would've thought this moment would be a huge sigh of relief, but instead it wasn't. It was just joy, like they hadn't won two Cups before this one and were getting over the hump. This wasn't the Yankees winning the World Series and Jorge Posada letting out a little bit of pee as finally exhaled. This was pure bliss. Shanny scored, and then he and Stevie shared a moment on top of each other that was more intimate than anything I've ever experienced with a woman.


Rather than fight, Adam Foote tries to make a tackle with his nose. So Shanny breaks it.

Another favorite:

So long, Shanny.


Michael Petrella said...

You actually nailed the feeling of that 2002 Cup goal. I was lucky enough to be in the building, sitting in the second row directly behind that empty net. And I can't even explain to you what it felt like to see it be on target and cross the line. It was complete and total euphoria. I'm not an excitable guy most of the time, but I felt myself jumping up and down like a school girl.

Triple Deke Staff said...

sitting in the second row directly behind that empty net.

That's grounds for completely hating you, sir.

Ahhhh, I suppose I'll experience that moment some day. I know a dude who was at the Pistons championship-clinching game in '04, Magglio's walk off homer in '06, and Yzerman's jersey retirement. The worst part is that he's a very likable guy, so I can't possibly hate him.

On second thought, I'm a fan of your weekly awards thing, so I will shift from "hating" you to "sort of don't like you, but not really".

- Tyler

Michael Petrella said...

Understandable. I would hate me, too. It was one of those things were you cash in all your RED WINGS FAN SINCE THEY WERE SHITTY IN THE EARLY 80'S chips to make happen. It was an unbelievable gift from a family friend (who was the season ticket holder of those seats). He was, and he'd admit it, one of those corporate guys that got the seats when the Wings became insanely popular. He told me, when handing me the tickets to that game, that he knows it'd mean more to me than anyone else he knows to actually be there for something that MIGHT happen. It was among the nicest things anyone's ever done for me.

Living in New York, I don't have a chance to spend all my money on the Red Wings the way I would if I lived in Detroit still, but I go home maybe once or twice a year for a game. I was at Game 5 of the Fianls last year (triple overtime loss before clinching in Pittsburgh) and Games 5 and 7 of the Finals this past summer. They were good old fashioned "purchase them the hard way" kind of things, but there aren't other things on the planet worth it like tickets to those games are...

Alexey Kovalevich (a.k.a. Lexa23) said...

Great post! I did the same at my blog and for sure all bloggers around the world will do the same..! Shanny was great player. My best memory of him is, for sure, Statue Of Liberty goal and his jump at Roy, at 26th March 1997..!

J.J. from Kansas said...

The league is probably just as classy as it was yesterday before Shanny was gone, but it's certainly gotten less badass. Shanny scored some goals that made me sound like Santa Claus. They were enjoyable, amazing, and laughable at the same time, all I could say was "Hoho" like Mickey Redmond sitting at Murph's bar talking about whacking people with old wooden sticks.

Man, I'm gonna miss him.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Shanny scored some goals that made me sound like Santa Claus.

There are so many important ones that he scored in the three Cup winning years.

Series winner in double OT against the Ducks .... empty net sealer against the Avs .... bank shot on Hextall (in a blowout, but important for comedy's sake) .... double OT against the Blues in '98 .... Statue of Liberty goal .... two goals in '02 Game 5 Finals .... and probably a bunch of others that I'm neglecting. He had a knack for scoring memorable ones.

- Tyler

Anonymous said...

We have a picture here somewhere (and I cannot find it, of course) of Osgood beating the crap out of Roy on the ice and above them is Shanahan leaning over and grinning like a fool. He looks like a proud Papa watching his baby boy. Best picture ever.


mrfluffy said...

Shanahan's Playoff Goatee

Probably the reason I've had once since the peach fuzz appeared on my face 10 years ago.

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