November 7, 2009

"Celebrate The Stevie"


7:00 -- Air Canada Centre

Wings: 7-4-3, 10th in Western Conference | Leafs: 2-7-5, 14th in Eastern Conference

1:10 mark. Pavel Datsyuk gets too anxious about the upcoming trip to Toronto and confesses his desire to have an Yzerman pants party.

I pray that somebody somewhere is in the middle of writing a book of nothing but Pavel quotes.


With a Wings win + Columbus loss, the Wings could jump from 10th in the West to 3rd by taking the Central Division lead. Odds are this won't happen because the Jackets are playing the lowly Hurricanes, who are going to need to sign Tom Cable if they want to beat anybody this year (HEY-OOOHHH).

Maple Leafs blog of choice: Down Goes Brown. The crown jewel of Blogger's hockey division.
If you aren't already reading DGB, you might as well cancel your internet.

"Watching a talent like Kessel go to work, it's hard not to notice the skill gap between him and so-called frontline talent like Mikhail Grabovski or Matt Stajan. The contrast was unmistakable on virtually every shift. It was enough to make me want to take the pen I was using to write "Mrs. Down Goes Gustavsson" in little hearts on my three-ring binder and jam it into my eye."


Before Bob Rouse was the unquestioned cornerstone of the Red Wings' Cup winning teams of the late 90's, he was kicking asses in Canada. Here, he upper cuts a dude's face up into his brain while talking trash at the same time.

I love the year 1993. It's the first year of my life that I really remember watching sports. I remember being allowed to stay up late to watch the World Series; I remember Barry Sanders leading the Lions to a division title (and subsequently thinking that Jesus was a 5'9" black dude with a mini fro); and I remember watching hockey at my friends house and becoming immediately hooked. The Leafs knocked the Wings out of the playoffs in overtime of Game 7 that year, which made me cry and become attracted to men until the age of 13 (I didn't know how to deal with sports losses at the time). But being a weird kid I was fascinated by these blue Leaf people and continued to watch them, as they went on a memorable playoff run. Here they are destroying the Blues, which is fun to watch no matter how old you are.

Nice save, CuJo.


Baroque said...

I don't know why the Toronto msm is so stupid about the Cup drought for Toronto. It isn't as though they have spent a long time being consistently crappy - there have been some good competitive teams in there. I was pulling for a Detroit-Toronto final in 2002 because I thought it would be fun after the Detroit-Colorado conference final.

Silly silly Hurricanes. :)

Rob said...

There's no way Barry Sanders is/was 5'9". Dude was 5'6" tops.

jennyquarx said...

How did you know what secret (well, not anymore) project I've been working on for the past few years?

Anonymous said...

Jeff OKWingnut

For all of the wonderful things Gary Bettman has done for this league, that idiotic idea of realigning divisions may well be his most as(s)inine.

But it has been so friggin long ago, many fans don't even remember the hate in the "chuck" Norris division, or even know it existed.

I've been thinking we should circulate a petition to fire Gary, despite all the good he has brought to the league.

That however, may be too easy-going. Perhaps a Humphrey de Bohun?

Triple Deke Staff said...

@Jenny- can we negotiate an exclusive book release? This would be a best-seller. There isn't a Wing fan alive who wouldn't buy that. Maybe we can even get Murph to pen the Forward.

I wish the Leafs and Wings still played in the same division. I feel like there's a piece of me missing because I didn't get to fully experience that rivalry. While looking at videos and stuff, I went through Down Goes Brown's extensive YouTube collection. definitely worth the time if you aren't doing anything.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Puck Daddy with the Top 10 Brutal injuries of the decade.

The Stevie clocks in at #9 with his '04 eye injury.

Baroque said...

And excellent taste in choosing Down Goes Brown. I wish he was still doing his "Brian Burke" parody Twitter posts, though - stupid gullible msm dinosaurs ruined it for everyone.

Triple Deke Staff said...

We seem to have the same taste in blogs.

Marry me?

cmk said...

I will be first in line to buy the book of Pavel quotes. Between his accent, Babcock's mumbling, and my hearing loss, I miss way too much of the fun!

LolaLemon51 said...

I'm kinda having a crappy day, and nothing makes me smile quite like a Pavel gem. Thanks. :)

Baroque said...

Marry me?

November 7, 2009 1:28 PM

//looks around room nervously to see who is the target of affections so I don't get between them


Fox said...

Bettman is to blame for many things, but the Laffs bailing out of the Western Conference is not one of them; the team wanted out, and cried until they got their wish.

Fox said... fact, on behalf of my own favorite team, can I petition the blog to move from the Ray Sheppard division to the Bob Rouse division?

Triple Deke Staff said...

I'm sorry Fox. Sheppard must represent the Sharks on this blog, for his trade for Igor Larionov was rather important to us.

That is, unless Bob Rouse shows up at my door and demands a change. If you can arrange that, you have a deal.