November 13, 2009

Game #16 -- Red Wings vs. Vancouver Canucks


Bust out the piñatas and line up the blow -- Jimmy Howard has won two consecutive games. He looked more calm and sound than he ever has in an NHL game, not sliding 12 feet out of the crease or spoon-feeding juicy rebounds to the opposing team. The two buzz words that always surround Howard are "rebounds" and "consistency" .... well, he controlled the puck, and for at least two games now we haven't screamed at him like parent watching their child wander into oncoming traffic.

  • And while Jimmy may have played well enough to get the win and the first star, he hasn't yet earned the right to a human face:
  • Drew Miller looked pretty good, getting some PK minutes and playing the waning minutes of his first Red Wings game. I can't lie, I was a little nervous. 20+ years of Michigan State sports have trained me to cringe anytime there is a Spartan involved in the final seconds of a game while guarding a lead. In fact I was momentarily confused when Miller wasn't lined up in the prevent defense.
  • Kronwall and Stuart both looked excellent to me. For the most part we've seen solid play in our own end the last couple of weeks. Take out the abortion orgy in Toronto and you've got 5 games with one or zero goals allowed.
  • What to say about Tomas Holmstrom. 9 goals before mid-November. He should start screaming "I'M NOT DEAD YET MOTHER FUCKERS" each time he scores. Here was my non-hockey-liking dad's take on his goal: "I mean, it's goals like those ...... the guy just throws the puck at the net and it bounces in? How is this even a sport?" We have a conversation at least once a week that revolves around how bizarre I am for following hockey. Then I remind him that he soaks his nail clippers in anti-bacterial solution and makes his Christmas lists with Microsoft Excel.
  • Good officiating tonight. (Lies.)
  • Non sequitur graph:

  • I love the Eaves/Helm/Draper line. Love it. So much that I want to take it on a special vacation to New Hampshire.
  • Brad May gets in fight #4, and loses again. I really don't care, I just like having him in the lineup. They did a feature during the pregame show where he was giving Abdelkader some fighting tips. Now, I really like Abdelkader, but if I see him get into a fight, I am immediately going to look up the Griffins roster to see who will be taking the place of his bloody carcass for the next eight weeks.
  • Top 3 Wings:
#3 ~ Niklas Kronwall: 1 Goal, 1 Assist. Great game all around, but how sweet was that empty netter? Funny thing was, I had sort of looked away for half a second and thought that Jimmy shot that puck down the ice. Anyway, three goals in the last 24 hours for Kronner.

#2 ~ Henrik Zetterberg: 1 Goal, 1 Assist. Hell of an effort. He and Livonia Native Ryan Kesler went at it the entire game, with Z getting the last laugh with the game-winner. It seems like the whole team is on Z's shoulders right now.

#1 ~ Jimmy Howard: Stopped 31 of 32 shots. He has survived another day as a goaltender in Detroit.


Osrt said...

"and line up the blow"

That's what she said.

wait. what?

I hope Homer has another 30 goal season, both for us and to prove that he is still the master of the art he created.

May needs to hit more and fight less. Drake was great because he scared D-men. Losing fights isn't exactly intimidating.

patleb940 said...

Much props to the guy with no face! He looked solid out there. Let's hope it keeps going that way.

jennyquarx said...

Homer is one of my favorite players. I love a guy that every other team hates. It fills me with joy that he already has nine goals.

Jimmy looked great. Surprising and awesome? Terrifying? I don't know. Gives me some hope at least.

patleb940 said...

By the way, I think you got lost somewhere along the road in your game counting: the Wings have played their 17th game yesterday, not their 16th like your title indicates.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...

Jeff OKWingnut

For some strange reason, I had the idea that someone should put on Homer jersey on this angry chipmunk/squirrel

twisted I know, really twisted

cmk said...

I won't even say why most people come to my first is more disturbing than looking for porn.

Baroque said...

By the way, I think you got lost somewhere along the road in your game counting: the Wings have played their 17th game yesterday, not their 16th like your title indicates.

If you check the sidebar, you will see that he used the number 14 twice. That's why he skipped one of the games. :)

Triple Deke Staff said...

Thanks for pointing it out, I hate when I do stuff like that. I counted the Sharks as #14 and then the Leafs as game 14 also. Can I use the Stevie induction excuse too?