November 15, 2009

Game #18 -- Red Wings vs. Ducks


You know what an odd fear of mine is? That I don't like Henrik Zetterberg enough. If that sounds ridiculous to read, it feels twice as ridiculous to type it. I just worry that I get so caught up in the wizardry of Pavel Datsyuk and the perfection of Nick Lidstrom that I don't talk about Hank quite as much as I should. Maybe I'm completely wrong about this. But I don't feel like I mention him as often as I do Pav or Homer or Helm, and for every time I do mention him I probably make five or six jokes about #44. Under no circumstances should #44 get more attention than Zetterberg (unless we're recommending people to be shot out of a canon into the sun).

I want to fully give him his due on this one. Z was phenomenal tonight. He was so good that I momentarily forgot that half the team is out with swine flu bone fracture tumors. He was so good that he scared Arby's into downgrading their Hat Trick prize to "free urinal cakes". He was so good, in fact, that Mitch Albom is going to lie about being at this game and write a column on it.

The guy works his beard off every night, on and off the ice. He is an absolute machine. Most players think that "double shifting" is playing on multiple lines; to Z it means dominating a hockey game and then going home to work over Emma.

  • Hank's season line: 8-14-22 in 18 games. And this is with his shooting percentage (7.7) well below his career percentage (12.6). Hopefully he can get his act together.
  • On the Wings fourth goal, Dan Cleary made a huge play at the blue line to corral the puck, shield it along the boards, and then passed the puck off before getting smoked to set up Z's 2nd of the game. I couldn't shake the word "invisible" from Cleary for the first few weeks, but he's been really effective since the Wings starting rolling and Babs is singing his praises.
  • Solid effort out of Leino as well, who actually looked like he was worthy of being on Hank's wing.
  • Ryan Getzlaf is beastly. Very much an unlikeable mook, but a scary good hockey player. This isn't the first time he's put up monster numbers against the Wings.
  • 5-4 game. 3rd Period. About 2:30 left.
Oh shit.

  • My friend told me via text that when Hank records a hat trick and two assists, it is called a "Zetterberg T-bag game". I have no idea what this means, but if I'm going to make dysentery salad tossing jokes then I've pretty much cut out any filter that I once had for this site.
  • Jimmy Howard wasn't anything spectacular. But thankfully Jonas Hiller was worse.
  • Spam sent to my email this morning. Click to enlarge (this is what we in the biz refer to as a "pun".)

  • Top 3 Wings:
#3 ~ Justin Abdelkader/Drew Miller ... Because MSU swept Michigan this weekend and we're leading the CCHA. Suck it, start your own blog.

#2 ~ Dan Cleary ... 1 goal, 2 assists. Also a plus-3, and 5 out of 6 on faceoffs.

#1 ~ Henrik Zetterberg ... Curly fries.

The Wings are now off until next Wednesday against Dallas. To appease my fondness for lists and "decade"-related cliches, I will kick off a series of Top 5's of the 2000's starting Monday. Don't get your hopes up too high -- I couldn't find enough video to do a "Top 5 Valtteri Filppula Hair Tosses".


Baroque said...

I kind of understand what you mean about Zetterberg.

He isn't as funny or as flashy as Pavel, he isn't as elegant a player as Nick, he isn't as breath-takingly quick as Helm - but he's just quietly relentless, like a dog who is attack-trained and will quietly sink it's teeth into your arm instead of barking it's head off and giving itself away. Much more dangerous, but very quiet.

Anonymous said...

Jeff OKWingnut

As a youngster, I had one day hoped to grow up and be Freddy Couples. The Dude had it all.

I don't know of anyone who's life is sweeter than Zatta (Eldrich, maybe). Really, that list is awful damn short.

cmk said...

I too understand what you mean about Zetterberg. But then, Lidstrom doesn't always get the kind of praise he should because he just does his job incredibly well and does it quietly. Sometimes they make it look too easy.

Come on, you can find a pic of VF or SOMETHING--I'm suffering from withdrawal over here! I miss my Baby Boy. ;)

Christine said...

Honestly, I find the lack of Flipper hair toss footage astounding. It's got to be out there somewhere.

And I don't think any of us give Z his due, just because there is not enough due available in this universe.

Osrt said...

"It's got to be out there somewhere."

yes, yes it is.

Z is to The Captain as Dats is to Federov (without the dicky attitude).

hockeychic said...

Zet was just a beast last night (so was Getzlaf but I'm not talking about that). Funniest thing when he scored one of his goals and Mickey said, "That dog can hunt!" He was just firing on all cylinders last night and it was so nice to watch the Ducks lose. Like you said, Howard wasn't anything special but Hiller was worse. I'll take it.