November 23, 2009

Game #22 -- Red Wings @ Predators


Just past the quarter pole, the Wings have lost as many as they have won. Four of those losses were New-NHL-happy-time-hand-job losses, but they still go in the books as defeats. The Preds are now ahead of us in the Central standings, and only the Blues (remember them?) are worse off. To temper that thought, I will point out that the '97 Wings (38-26-18) actually won less than half their games and proceeded to have the best playoff run of any of the Wings' championship teams.

None of those teams had Todd Bertuzzi though. (I had to say his name instead of '#44' so I wouldn't get the trolling dick who goes "yuh huh they had Anders Eriksson".)

Tonight was an awesome performance by #44 in the art of loafing, reaching, not skating, not hitting, and not needing a cup to protect what were once human testicles. Those were given away a long time ago after he did a very bad thing and lost everything that made him a dominant power forward.

For those in the "They're not paying him $1.5 million to be a dominant power forward" camp: have you seen Pavel Datsyuk lately? He hasn't had an assist in four years. On every possession he drags the puck into the zone, drifts off toward the side boards and puts a gun in his mouth. The only thing keeping him from pulling the trigger is knowing that Brad McCrimmon's wife has it worse. Tonight I watched him carry the puck through the neutral zone, and when he looked up and saw #44 on his wing, he traded himself to New Jersey. This is fucking depressing to watch.

#44 isn't making elite power forward money, but he sure as shit isn't supposed to be the personification of AIDS. That's what he is. AIDS. Sorry to trivialize it by reducing it to #44's level, but they are now the same thing. Mike Babcock gave Pavel Datsyuk AIDS when he bent him over and stuck in #44 and now this is one big dying gay mess. A guy who I am wrongly comparing to a horrible disease got seven more minutes of TOI than Darren Helm tonight. Change something, for fuck's sake.



#3 ~ I just ..... I don't know. Not Bertuzzi. There. If you weren't him, you win the day.

#2 ~ Drew Miller ... First goal as a Wing. I like him. Solid guy to have in the bottom six.

#1 ~ Chris Osgood ... Few games have had that many "wow" saves from Ozzie. Unfortunately he had no help for the first two periods and he ends up losing by two goals. His save late in the 3rd right before the final goal was preposterous. Without him the score is like 12-1.

Fucking Georges Laraque.


Fox said...

Drew Miller was better for the Ducks than he is given credit for ... that said, is he getting pimped here for that, or because he attended ... umm, that place with Mateen Cleaves?

Triple Deke Staff said...

is he getting pimped here for that, or because he attended ... umm, that place with Mateen Cleaves?

/looks away/

I have no idea what you're talking about.

(Reality: I've always liked the way he plays first before his Spartan-ness, but yeah, it doesn't hurt.)

Baroque said...

I read someone comment that Datsyuk, if he is that good, should be able to make anyone around him better, even that guy.

Only one way to settle the issue, and that is with a proper experiment. I would love to see that guy feel "under the weather" and "less than 100%" for about two weeks and see what happens. Just a couple of weeks to see if it perks Pav back up to his normal goofball self.

mrfluffy said...

Even Z has caught the Tuzzi Suck. Couldn't hit a wide open net last night...instead went for red.

Word of the day-


What the?

J.J. from Kansas said...

I still want to think that the way Datsyuk looked at his bench after decking that Preds player last night was a message to Babs asking for help. He's trying to do everything on that line. I don't want to break up the third pairing, but please put Helm on Datsyuk's line. Hell, put Abdelkader there and I'm sure you'll see a spark. Watching Pavel toil away like he has makes me think bad thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Jeff OKWingnut

"On every possession he drags the puck into the zone, drifts off toward the side boards and puts a gun in his mouth."

Need more shoot.

Holy terror - - This season is liking going to Grandmas for turkey and stuff. Stuff - - you know that green shit with marshmallows.

WTF is that?

John W. said...

You know Pav is fucked when I can tell he's fucked just by listening to the game on the radio. His only chance is if he can figure out a way to set himself up with onetimers. I've been wanting to seem Helm with Pav for a while now, Pav's skill with Helm's speed would be scary. They have to do something, Pav has no chance with the line he is on.

Also, why the hell did it seem to me, listening to the game, that Meech was getting more PP time than E? The guy has a cannon and can't even get PP time with Williams AND Kronwall out, wtf?

CaptNorris5 said...

Lay some blame on Dats as well. I'm guessing Uncle Mike has some confidence in him that he can carry his own line. I no longer have that confidence. Dats needs a sniper, or another playmaker (See: Z, Hossa) to be the pasha we know and love. I'm getting really frustrated with that perimeter play.

John W. said...

I'm not laying any blame on Pav because the fact that he has no one decent to play with means the other team can double and triple team him whenever he has the puck. If he had someone who was at all dangerous on his line, the ice would open up for him. I think when Fil comes back Pav And Z need to be reunited, and then make Fil the 2nd line center.

Yes, Pav can score more goals then he has been, but he is foremost a playmaker, except he has no one to pass to.

Triple Deke Staff said...

There have been games where I thought Pav hasn't played well. There have been games where I thought he was trying to do too much.
In this one, I think that he was poisoned by 44's lethargic and pathetic play. As a human, he can only do so much (but if we do find out that he's actually Martian I might have to change my tone.)

It's a pattern, with 44. Ask around the blogosphere and see what Flames fans and Duck fans thought of him. Baroque has said the same thing from the moment the rumors of 44 signing first sprung up. Whether he's a good "lockerroom guy" is irrelevant to me if he's a bad "linemate" guy. That's what post-lockout-44 has been: Linemate cancer. Ooops, I mean AIDS.

Osrt said...

Beware the Ides of November Tuzzi.

Anger seems to be bringing out the best writing amongst Wing bloggers.

I'm looking forward to the ATL game tomorrow. I'll be there with my brother, so hopefully we won't take a big shite on the ice.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Ahh, I forgot you were going to that game. Good. Hopefully your brother Usrt doesn't cancel out the win streak mojo you have going.

Baroque said...

I wanted so very, very much to be wrong about the situation.

Seeing Pavel struggle like this just breaks my heart.

cmk said...

I wasn't a fan of the #44 signing, but I was willing to give Holland the benefit of the doubt. And when he wasn't playing worth shit, I wanted to give Babcock the benefit of the doubt. Now, I just want to ask Babcock where the hell his head is with keeping 44 on the first line? I'm trying to tell myself that Babs is such a fricking genius that he thinks on a level so far above the rest of us that we can't understand his ways, and THAT is why he keeps his lineup as is. I HAVE to believe that--otherwise, I'm sticking my head in the oven and turning it on. (And with it being electric, the outcome will not be pretty.)

(My word verification: evologos. Hmm...must have SOMETHING to do with a Nintendo roll-playing game.)

Osrt said...

"Hopefully your brother Usrt doesn't cancel out the win streak mojo you have going."

aLol. I hope so too. I'm going to introduce him to the upperbowl, so that'll be fun.

Let's hope I don't have to leave him there.