November 28, 2009

Game #24 -- Red Wings vs. Flames


The industry in which I am enslaved to refers to the day after Thanksgiving as "I wish I was an abortion" Friday. Commercially, these companies tell you that it's "Black" Friday, but the insiders know its true name.

This is the first that I've been home, having missed the game, and really don't plan on catching a replay of it. The script reads the same as so many previous losses have:

  • More than double the opponent in shots
  • Have two goals called back
  • 0 for 6 on the power play

What wasn't so typical was that this was the first set of back-to-back home shutouts in 32 years.

So I ask ... was it as bad as the score says? Were the two non-goals legit? And is it "stuffing" or "dressing"? (If you say it's the latter: what is wrong with you? You put dressing on salads. Quit being weird. They might tolerate that shit on Winging It In Motown but we eat stuffing at this blog.)


Michael Petrella said...

The first goal that was called back was re-fucking-tarded. Dan Cleary had a heel (no shit, a heel) in the blue paint. Kiprusoff clearly saw the shot, because he reacted to it, on time. He just missed it. I didn't seen any contact on the replay, so I call shenanigans on that one.

The second no-goal was a little easier to swallow. Kipper had the puck covered for a millisecond before it popped loose again. It was a bit of a hot potato at the moment, but it sounded to me that the whistle actually DID go before the puck crossed the line. The whistle probably shouldn't have, considering it was loose, but it was easy to see how the refs could have lost sight of it. I did.

It's stuffing. And I write on WIM. I promise it's stuffing.

Baroque said...

The first goal had be quoting Josef Stalin: "The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

If every goal Detroit scores is negated because someone breathed on a goaltender, then all the shots and all the effort in the world won't matter squat.

And of course it's stuffing. It's stuffed inside a turkey; everyone knows dressing goes on the outside. What kind of peabrain would wrap bread around the outside of a turkey like a coat?

Anonymous said...

The second no-goal was only easier to swallow because you were already so numb from the first no-goal. "Kipper's" post-game comment about how he told the officials to watch for the interference pretty much says it all. I wanted to just smack Sutter's ugly mug when he stood at the bench making his stupid "interference" signal. I guess now the opposing team gets to call the game for the officials.

And yes, it's bloody stuffing. It says so right on the bag.

J.J. from Kansas said...

Both the no-goals could have gone either way. The Cleary call-back on the first one was retarded, but on the second goal, if they hadn't blown the play dead like that in front of Osgood, I'd be writing a letter to Toronto in my own blood right now. We still had plenty of chances to score and didn't.

Also, Ken Hitchcock doesn't care if you call it stuffing or dressing, just keep passing him more of it*.

*it's stuffing, and I will set aflame anybody who disagrees.

jennyquarx said...

On the replay of the first goal, it looks like Kipper shoves his stick under Cleary's skate, but that contact takes place outside of the crease. As Michael said, Cleary's other skate is like a centimeter inside the crease.

I'm glad you survived the day. I'm really happy my days in that industry are over.

And it's stuffing.

Chris said...

I apologize, I've been at the last two games and I take full responsibility for the fact that we had 80 shots but no goals.

Eighty fucking shots. Zero goals. 17 shots against last night, three goals. Now the first two were obviously not Ozzie's fault. On the third, however, it looked like he was too busy treating himself like an amusement park to bother stopping the puck...

And of course it is stuffing.

Triple Deke Staff said...

I apologize, I've been at the last two games and I take full responsibility for the fact that we had 80 shots but no goals.

That's pretty weird, considering you went to the 9-1 Columbus game. Hmmmmmmm

hockeychic said...

The first goal was really hard to believe they called that back - I had to double check and make sure it wasn't Holmstrom in the crease. I didn't get that call at all and it made me mad so the second goal that was called back - I wasn't surprised.

It is stuffing. Dressing goes on salad.

Christine said...

Stuffing. Always stuffing. As for the game, I'm trying to pretend it didn't happen. I like my alternate reality better.