November 29, 2009

Game #25 -- Red Wings @ Blues


It took a fluke goal and a skills gimmick, but the Wings pulled out a humongous two points tonight.

I was all set to declare this game the 9th different "rock bottom" so far this season. After Kris Draper had tied it up early in the 3rd, Brad Boyes scored a disheartening goal at 8:32 to put the Blues ahead again. And for parts of the next ten minutes -- in between the Blues trying to get the Wings to quit by icing the puck repeatedly like this was NHL 10 -- it really felt like this season couldn't get any worse. I didn't feel that the Blues were even playing all that spectacularly defensively and yet consecutive passes or a sustained attack seemed too advanced for the Wings. That's the type of lineup we have right now. Everything has to be like pulling teeth.

But they still did it. And just how "flukey" was Hank's goal, really? Yes it got a lucky bounce, but that's becoming his thing now. That fluttering backhand from the right corner. He set up Dan(ny) Cleary to win the Anaheim series on a pass just like it. He's set up Homer a couple of times this year with it. Who's to say he wasn't aiming for the inside of Jackman's elbow? "Common sense", you say? Whatever. I just can't believe they scored with the goalie pulled. It was the first time in the history of the Detroit Red Wings that they scored with an extra attacker. That is a fact. I'm not even going to look that up.

Other stuff:

  • Let me get this out of the way: Nice move, #44. That's your move and you actually did it with ease. Not a terrible past few games, either. P.S: Eat shit. (Just kidding! Wouldn't want you get sick! But seriously though.)
  • Another questionable outing from Leino again as he resorted to playing laser tag with himself or whatever the fuck it is that he's doing out there.
  • Just bury it, Darren Helm. There is nothing you could possibly do to make me stop liking you but my god if there is a way to not score a goal, you sir have found it.
  • Drapes has 4 goals, 3 assists and is a +1 for the season. I'll take that.
  • Homer is on pace for 31 goals.
  • May and Abdelkader were good. When May ended up on Pav's line in the 3rd period I shat a little bit.


#3 ~ Jonathan Ericsson ... He played three more minutes than Nick Lidstrom (28:20) and the world didn't end.

#2 ~ Jimmy Howard ... 32 saves on 35 shots. 6-2-1 record in his last nine games; SV% has climbed to .902.

#1 ~ Henrik Zetterberg ... Huge assist to break the longest goal scoring drought ever. Huge-ier goal to save the game with under a minute to go. Team MVP.


Baroque said...

Just like watching the Tigers try to score runs. Painful and requiring a great deal of effort. Like a constipated dog trying to squeeze out a big poop.

Thankfully they won.

Osrt said...

Git er done


Keep it goin'

These words of wisdom brought to you by formula 44 tobacco chew and the letter "Death."

Hoser said...

I would check in here every day just to see what you're saying about Bundy.

hockeychic said...

Everyone looked at me last night to see what I would say after #44 got it done in the shootout. All I said was, "I'm glad they won."

At this point, I'll take it. I almost gave up on the game last night after the Blues went ahead but I'm glad I didn't.

hockeychic said...

oh yeah, and the Flyers got shut out last night so maybe the Hockey Gods are coming back to my side again.

They must still be undecided though, otherwise someone other than #44 would have won the game for the Wings.

Baroque said...

Everyone looked at me last night to see what I would say after #44 got it done in the shootout. All I said was, "I'm glad they won."

I for one totally understand that sentiment.

I'm working on two concepts to deal with it - one is that there was a momentary wormhole to an alternate universe, and that was just a glimpse of another reality not our own.

The other is that it's like your friend's car running out of gas when she is giving you a ride, and the first car that stops to help is your ex-boyfriend (of an ugly breakup). Because someone else is involved, you grit your teeth, accept the offer of gas with as much grace as you can muster, and once your friend drops you off at home you spend a half hour in a hot shower to wash off the experience.

If he can help Lidstrom, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Helm, Abdelkader, and the others that I care about - then at least he can be a useful p.o.s. instead of a useless waste of carbon.

I'll just be taking a lot of hot showers, I guess.

cmk said...

I was afraid the hockey gods had left me forever.* Yesterday was my b-day--NOT a shameless attempt for greetings, by the way--and we went to see our local team lose. I figured there was no hope for the Wings, either. Not only was it a nice surprise, but I almost fainted when it was #44 that won the game. Unbelievable. It would be nice to see them win again on Monday, but I am too much of a pessimist to think good thoughts.

*Actually, the gods were watching out for me, after all. I came thisclose to getting hit in the head by a puck last night. But then again, it might have done me a world of good if I would've gotten hit. Never mind.

Triple Deke Staff said...



hockeychic said...


Anonymous said...

Regarding #44....

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile.


cmk said...

Thank you for the birthday greetings. Now THAT'S done for another year. ;)