November 3, 2009

Morning Bru


7:00 (for real this time) -- Joe Louis Arena

Bruins: 6-6-1, 10th in Eastern Conference | Wings: 5-4-3, 11th in Western Conference

Thanks for your well wishes over the weekend. Here I thought you were all heartless vagabonds who lust for the forbidden and are consumed by mindless greed, but in actuality you are pretty cool.

Bruins blog of choice: The Big Bad Bruins.

(September 10th, Phil Kessel farewell post) "Hi! I'm an oft-injured winger that is asking for a whole bunch of money...even though I've really only had one good year. I'm also an extreme defensive liability. Did I mention that I'll sprain a knee if you look at me cross-eyed?

Likes: hockey shorts that show my taint, ProActiv Solution, and money, Money, MONEY!!

Dislikes: when people say that I look like the result of a drunken hook-up between Skeletor and a burn victim."


The Bruins have remarkably rotated wins and losses every game this year. Not only did they lose their last game, but they were shut out. So recent history tells us that the Wings are going to give up 13 goals and a piano covered in swine flu vomit will fall on Nick Lidstrom's head.

The recap for this game will be the first in-person account of the season as I'll be meeting up with Osrt at JLA. Tune in tomorrow as I reveal his real name and social security number.


Animal Drew said...

Glad to have you back. Maybe I'll run into and Osrt at the game tonight as well...

Animal Drew said...

...there was supposed to be another "you" in there. I hate Tuesdays.

Oh and Dany Heatley will score 70 goals this season.

Anonymous said...

I didn't want to like that commercial, but I surely did. I don't want to like anything that comes from Bruin/Red Sox/Celtics world.

Totally off topic.... has anyone been watching Battle Of The Blades on CBC? Claude Lemieux is still in the running despite not showing his signature move - the turtle. That movie "The Cutting Edge" was not kidding - hockey players make some damn fine figure skaters. Oh, and I have a serious crush on Craig Simpson.


Anonymous said...


Hope you and OSRT have a great time at the game, lest you become the "GAMEWRECKERS".

Jeff -- OKWingnut

Triple Deke Staff said...

Perhaps we shall, Drewseph. Osrt's got the tickets so he knows where we're sitting. It's upper bowl, I know that much.

I looked up "Cutting Edge" ... wow what a flashback. I forgot about that movie. (yes I've seen it.)

- Tyler

J.J. from Kansas said...

A man admitting to having seen 'Cutting Edge' is definitely a penalty. It might have gotten you two minutes in the box (heh heh), but it's also a game misconduct for unsportsmanlike.

Also, welcome back.

hockeychic said...

Oooh you and OSRT together at the Joe? That ought to be something else.

At least you get to see the game. I'll be sitting cursing out DirecTV under my breath and watching the NHL Network for score updates. Yeah, I'm lame.

Tram - I would love to see that show but unfortunately we don't get it here.

Also, I will never admit how many times I have seen "The Cutting Edge" but the Wings do feature prominently (well my fan exaggeration there) in one scene.

Triple Deke Staff said...

I don't recall "ending up in the box", although if I did I'd be in trouble since I remember watching it with my mom and dad in my early elementary days.

Triple Deke Staff said...

I've made mention before of my whore-ish nature for "all-decade" stuff. This is Puck Daddy's Top 9 teams of the 2000's:

9) '06 Canes
8) '04 Bolts
7) '03 Devils
6) '09 Pens
5) '08 Wings
4) '07 Ducks
3) '00 Devils
2) '01 Avs
1) '02 Wings

I wouldn't disagree with anything on that list aside from flipping 4 and 5, although I'm required to disagree with that.

J.J. from Kansas said...

Well in that case, your parents get 2 minutes each for interference/obstruction. Who knows how long they set back the onset of puberty? You could have had a full beard by seventh grade.

I'm just as bad though. I must have seen 'Dirty Dancing' eight hundred times as a kid because I have a stupid older sister.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Raf has the flu. Fucking Oilers. The immortal Doug Janik has been recalled from GR:

Coincidentally, the last Wings game I went to, Raf was also a late scratch (his first of many in the Ducks series) with a herniated disk.

hockeychic said...

Curse the Oilers!

"Dirty Dancing", ugh. I think I'm one of the few females on the planet who didn't like that movie.

I did see the Puck Daddy list and thought it was pretty cool except the Devils are on there too many times but that is the irrational side of me.

Animal Drew said...

Well sir(s)...I'll be up as far as you can go since I bought my usual $8 obstructed view seats and looking to upgrade by the end of the first. I'll be wearing my Zetterberg Winter Classic jersey. You'll know it's me because the "A" on the shoulder is white...a blunder by the Canadian company from whom my girlfriend ordered it...but actually makes it look unique and badass.

Triple Deke Staff said...

I've got a Datsyuk jersey/shirt and I look like a gumpy member of the Swedish national team. I wish I could remember the section.

Anonymous said...

@ Hockeychic

Go over to Puck Daddy to watch a clip from Battle of the Blades.


Osrt said...

Sup bitches; looking forward to the gang bang today.

Section 211A, Row 10.

Tyler has row 9 but he's going to give someone a rimjob to switch to our row and sit with us; I'm bringing a camera.

A.Drew: maybe you can exchange numbers with Tyler so we can meet up. I'll be with my girlfriend who came in from Germany a few days ago so I'll be busy making sure she's comfortable and understands what's going on in the game; just a heads up to you both.

Oh, I'll be the lone brown dude. And I'll be wearing a white Lidstrom hoodie holding hands with a blond.

I'm pretty sure I'll be deported at some point in the evening.

Chris said...

Osrt - everything about that is awesome. I'm jealous of you guys.