November 12, 2009

Wings/Canucks pregame, now with more mustache


7:30 -- Joe Louis Arena

Canucks: 10-9-0 (20 pts), 9th in Western Conference | Wings: 8-5-3 (19 pts), 10th in Western Conference

Canucks blog of choice: Tom Benjamin's NHL blog

Going back to the reverse-reverse logic: The Wings could get on a roll after blowing through Columbus ... the Canucks are banged up .... only Carolina has lost more road games than them .... prediction: Canucks 4, Wings 1.


Natalie said...

That might be the worst video ever devised in the history of mankind. Or the best, I'm undecided. After the sweet Columbus fan I found yesterday, I wasn't sure the universe could handle any more hotness...until I watched this video.

Also, the Wings had better manage to win again tonight, or I will cease to breathe. That's all.

Triple Deke Staff said...

I saw that video that you're talking about yesterday when I was looking for something CBJ-relevant, but I thought that it might kill the readership that we have. You, on the otherhand, are one very brave lady.

(I agree that this vid is very awesomebad. Really I just like the part where he says "Vancouver Fairies".)

- Tyler

Natalie said...

By "kill readership", I hope you mean that everybody would be too distraught by the fact that the writer laid claim to Hottie McHotster to continue reading the post; I figure it's hard to comprehend the words when you're fighting through the tears.

Yep, the Vancouver Fairies thing made me laugh uproariously at my desk, thereby negating the fact that I had the volume on super low, so nice work by you. I'll get back to you when I get fired.