December 4, 2009

Game #27 -- Red Wings vs. Oilers


Postgame -- Mike Babcock:

"We weren't any good tonight."

"No excuse for what happened."

"It's unacceptable. It's un-Red Wing-like."

And this answer to Ericsson's injury status was exceptionally heavy:

""I don't know. I don't even have the courage to go in there and ask."

Even though he's pretty candid and regularly un-cliche, that one shook me when I heard him say it. For just a second, that steely exterior had a huge, revealing crack in it. You could hear the disbelief in his voice. Like us, Babs can't believe all of these injuries.

Early reports were saying that it was Jonny's knee and not his foot or ankle, and that it wasn't as serious as it initially looked (he's day to day). We'll see. I'm not getting my hopes up.

  • The Wings were outshot 36-28, and were outshot in every period. They played almost exclusively from the perimeter and drew all of one penalty. 12 give-aways. Two goals scored against our own goalie. If you aren't getting the picture, let me sum it up for you: There weren't enough penises to go around for how much they sucked.
  • Was Jimmy Howard bad? Was he unlucky? Does he hate black people? I don't have the answers. It feels like every one of these iffy goalie games end up with us having this same stupid discussion. Somebody says he was bad, somebody says it's too hard to adjust to those redirections, and then my dad will inevitably walk into the room, see Jimmy and say, "You know, he looks like somebody that hates black people." Ok that last one only happened once, but there's a legitimate chance that it could happen again.
My take? The first "own goal" .... whatever. That would be hard to pick up, and I don't blame him. The second one though .... between the point of the deflection and the goal, I had enough time to teach my cat how to give himself a "stranger". It was incredible. With just his four little cat fingers and everything.
  • Ericsson looked weak on a couple of occasions, like when Robert Nilsson took his virginity on the second Edmonton goal. But it seemed like he stayed confident, continuing to rush with the puck and pretend that he was an un-shitty Brett Lebda. I like that he doesn't seem to get rattled.


#3 ~ Justin Abdelkader .... He looked like the guy with the most passion and the most jump. He had a team-high six hits while only two guys had less ice time.

#2 ~ Dan Cleary .... He scored the goal. The only fucking goal of the game against this smug douche bag.

#1 ~ Nick Lidstrom .... Whatever else he did, I don't care. His long bomb assist at the end of the 1st period .... how amazing was that? With under five seconds to go at his own goal line, Nick fires a flying saucer pass right onto the stick of Todd Bertuzzi -- I mean ..... intentionally banks it off the head of a referee and it bounces with enough speed over to Dan Cleary for a one-timer goal. Totally all Nick on that one. Astounding stuff.


Baroque said...

I found myself wondering why, on this planet or any other, Babcock would put that thing right back on Pavel's line again. I thought for sure he finally realized that didn't work and it was making Pavel suck.

It's like an irritating rash that keeps coming back just when you think you have it under control.


Anonymous said...

Jeff - OKWingnut

I remain dumfounded, perplexed, and confused, as to what exactly contributes to the Wings bizarre consitency of being ridiculously inconsistent.

LolaLemon51 said...

I felt awful for Jimmy last night for some reason. I know he drank the suck Kool-Aid with the rest of them a couple of times, but when your own team is helping put pucks past you? Twice? Sheesh.

J.J. from Kansas said...

The word of the day is still coprophagia. This will remain so until the taste leaves my mouth.

Chris said...


Jimmy should have had both those which were tipped on him. The first was bad, the second was terrible.

He was back into Jimmy trying to make a wall and hoping the puck hits him, rather than Jimmy trying to stop the puck.

He made some big saves last night, but he looked off from the start.

hockeychic said...

I thought Jimmy looked off last night and just slightly out of position the whole night. Ugh, that game just sucked. Thankfully, my good friend told me to just skip the 3rd period (I was watching on DVR delay) and give myself a break. The first two periods were just brutal.

mrfluffy said...

To quote Major League-

"They don't look so fuckin' good."

Sure Jimmah looked like crap last night...but so did the team. I wouldn't blame the loss on him.

cmk said...

Terrible, horrid, awful, disaster--there just isn't a word that describes how bad that game was. I even tried the Finnish translations and even they don't sound bad enough. Maybe we'll have to try German?

Hopefully they'll get their shit together for Saturday's game. They better, we'll get home from our road trip in time to watch.