December 6, 2009

Game #29 -- Red Wings @ Rangers


What a huge win.

I didn't get a jump on this game until after Midnight. The whole day leading up to getting home, I was honestly scared to watch it. I simply wished that there wasn't a game on. But I watched dutifully, and what I saw was a gritty, rewarding performance. Saturday, the Wings played a good team in their building and battled back for a point. They played another road game Sunday and ground out two points. I will certainly take three out of four and I'm happy with the majority of what I saw over those two games.

Game Thoughts:

  • Ken Daniels mentioned at the start that Jimmy Howard wears #35 because his idol growing up was Mike Richter. For what it's worth, renowned man slut Henrik Lundqvist wears #30 to represent the number of women that he sexed before the age of 12.
  • The unit of Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Holmstrom, Rafalski and Lidstrom had a shift for the ages in the first period*. Or perhaps it used to be the norm and I've just forgotten what it looks like, but in any event it was great. The Rangers were so tired afterward that they fucked up a line change, then the Wings came right back and forced a penalty.
  • * When I watch games alone and make pithy comments to my imaginary friend Otis -- who laughs at all of my jokes, even the distasteful sexist ones -- I refer to Pav/Z/Homer/Raf/Lids as one solitary unity called the "Five Fingers".
  • The Rangers goal was the very definition of "deflating". Abdelkader turned the puck over and then Ericsson didn't cover for him on the ensuing rush. This was toward the end of a monster 1st period for the Wings but they went into the break down 1-0.
  • Over the past few months you probably haven't noticed my contempt for #44 because I've been so subtle with it. But the truth is I don't really like the way he fits in with the Wings lineup. I will say, however, that his head-first diving block at the end of the 1st period was straight up balls. Even if he didn't mean it and he was just falling forward like a fuck up.
  • What a difference a Lidstrom makes. Big E had a terrible game. Jimmy Howard used all 6'1" of himself to stop the penalty shot that resulted from Ericsson trying to give the Rangers an early Christmas Present (<---------- TURNOVER PUNS FTW)
  • In this horrid, injury plagued season in which each day brings a handful of new players to LTIR, how on Earth is Marian Gaborik still healthy? How, I ask? I imagine that his life is like the Final Destination movies and he keeps cheating death somehow. Security should be on him 24 hours a day. It would be no surprise if Chris Drury's skate mysterious fell off his foot and threw itself and Gaborik's throat.
  • Mick went off on some rant in the 2nd period about not understanding Jimmy's thinking that he has to prove his critics wrong. What Mick failed to mention was that he thinks Jimmy Howard is the guy who gets him hotdogs during intermissions, and is not a Red Wing goaltender playing in like his 18th season in the organization.
  • The Brad Stuart hit on Anisimov was "DAAAAAAAAAAMN" inducing.
  • Oddly enough, with Brendan Shanahan in attendance looking on, Dan(ny) Cleary gets the go-ahead goal via a no angle bank shot. I celebrated like the Wings won an overtime playoff game, albeit with pants on.

#3 ~ Nick Lidstrom ... Nick had help from others, including his partner Rafalski (who looked sharp all things considered), but played a huge roll in shutting down Gaborik to the tune of zero shots on goal. I thought the whole team did a good job on him when they needed to.

#2 ~ Jimmy Howard ... One of his best games. The rebounds were more under control tonight than any game I can recall to this point. Huge stop on the penalty shot, huge stop on Higgins' breakaway, huge job on the PK on the 3rd.

#1 ~ Pavel Datsyuk ... 1 and 2 were a coin flip to me here. This one to me was all about how Pav kept getting in the way of passes and making plays with his stick in the defensive zone. It had to have been five or six times at least that he broke up a pass or snuck into a play to make an interception. His goal was sort of important too.


FYI: I know I drop these school-related notes every so often, but the next two weeks are crunch time for me and posting might get sparse, I'm not sure. Luckily this will be the last of me dealing with this "school" business. After that, I'm all yours (seductive wink).


Baroque said...

Skip the flirting and concentrate on your studies, Tyler - and good luck with the end-of-semester-death-march-through-hell (as I called it). :)

beanie said...

>>I celebrated like the Wings won an overtime playoff game, albeit with pants on.<<

Just so I can get this image straight in my head: The Wings won an overtime playoff game with pants on but you had pants off?

Or was that visa versa?

Andy said...

I actually jumped up and down in my bed, then gave my dog a hug.

Good luck on the exam hell. I had my last exam of the semester today and the uni doesn't start again for over a month! Vacation, yahoo!

Today's secret word (the word verification thingy): dorsepol

mrfluffy said...

"The Brad Stuart hit on Anisimov was "DAAAAAAAAAAMN" inducing."

You got knocked the fugg out!

Damn Time/Warner and bandwidth issues, but from what I saw...they battled, came back, and out the skate down when needed.

Word of Today-


Triple Deke Staff said...

Thanks for the well wishes, people.

Beanie: You are correct. The Red Wings have won playoff games with my pants off. It started with Igor Larionov in triple OT.

Chris said...

School, or at least grades are me on that. In 90% of professions, a degree is a degree and in most professions that require people skills, a B+ average is better than an A average.

This is coming from someone who was a recruiter for one of the big 4 accounting firms.

Also, none of this applies to law school. And anyone going to medical school, you f'ckers better get A's too...for my sake.

Osrt said...

Good point about Dats playing well defensively. I couldn't watch that closely and am glad you pointed this out. He may just need to get back to basics, making sure his own end is covered and Hank doesn't steal his Selke.

Good luck with the end of the semester. We can light some couches on fire to celebrate afterwards.

Andy said...

Yeah, I agree. Pasha needs to get back to his own self defenslively, but as much as I love Datsyuk, I've always really thought Hank was better defensively.

By the way, is watching games with your pants off weird. The few times I get to watch a game live, it's usually 1-2 am here when the game starts, so I'm not wearing much clothes... :P

Triple Deke Staff said...


In recollection, the pants coming off does seem weird, but during the heat of the moment it feels so right.

I initially brought up the "pants-less" superstition at some point during the playoffs last year, but don't remember when. Perhaps it's time I write a TTD Glossary, although I don't know if there's enough content to expand past 2 or 3 items.

- Tyler

Andy said...

Nice superstition! The amount of clothing I use when watching games is more dependent of time of day, than of superstitions, but I can see how no pants bring you luck.

Secret word: equaliz

J.J. from Kansas said...

Good luck in your schooling. Just remember, if nothing else, there's always barber college.

cmk said...

I was in the doctor's office when I read this post on my phone--and that was both good and bad. Good: I was in the right place if I got a cerebral hemorrhage from stifling my guffaws. Bad: There were some very, very old people that were looking at me like I was crazy. You WILL get me into trouble one of these days with your posts.

Lots of luck thrown at you for the next few weeks--but I'm sure you'll do just fine. And we'll be here when you return.

Anonymous said...

Jeff - OKWingnut

Five Fingers - funny.

Good luck with your school Tyler.

But hurry back, your blogs are generally friggin hilarious - - you give 4 Habs Fans a serious run for the money.

hockeychic said...

Good luck with this next school stuff part.

Ah what a nice win. I didn't even give my Ranger friend grief...I must be getting old. Either that or this hockey season has really blunted my edge.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps it's time I write a TTD Glossary, although I don't know if there's enough content to expand past 2 or 3 items."

Aside from your pants I don't really konw what else would be on there, but you should still do this.

beanie said...

>>The Red Wings have won playoff games with my pants off. It started with Igor Larionov in triple OT. <<

That's perfectly understandable. ;)

Good luck with your exams.