December 18, 2009

Game #34 -- Red Wings vs. Lightning


Oh come the fuck on.

Are you serious? Are you really serious with this? Zetterberg? Henrik Zetterberg? No. There's no way. He'll be fine. He drove himself to get an MRI, how bad could it be? You can't drive yourself with significant shoulder damage. That's absurd. 3 point turnabouts and shit? Checking blind spots? Turning to flip off the dude who thinks he's above using a turn signal (Honestly, who are these people? Who the hell thinks it's okay to just turn without signaling? Do you want to get rear ended? Are you 135 years old? Suck a sack.) He's okay -- he has to be. Nope, no injury here. Move along.

.... He's totally going to be out for the next four months.

As for the rest of the game:
  • That was another win I came away with impressed and happy, minus yet another injury. It's different -- and downright weird -- watching them win games this way, but it isn't any less entertaining. Miller and Abdelkader and Eaves are all great to watch. I haven't enjoyed watching sweaty men work this hard since I spent a summer working at the YMCA. (This unconscionably stupid joke was sent in by celebrity contributor and TTD fan, Dennis Miller.)
  • During the postgame on the radio, Paul Woods said that #44 "looks like a completely different player." He's exactly right. I don't know that I have ever seen a player whose game fluctuated this dramatically because of confidence issues. For the past few games, when he has tried those spin moves that earlier in the season made you eat your ball hair out of frustration, he has actually appeared competent. He can be so strong on the puck -- it's remarkable how he can swat away defenders with one arm while cradling the puck with the other. If he can keep this up for another 18 or 19 solid weeks without a single solitary mistake while being the best player ever and finding a cure for those self-inflicted AIDS, I'm probably going to have to consider using his name again.
  • Milestone night: Mike Babcock got his 300th victory, Jimmy Howard got his first career shutout, and we had our 500th tweet. I celebrated the Twitter achievement by starting contemplatively into the mirror for 30 seconds and then smacking myself across the face.
  • I like what the defense appears to be doing now, collapsing all five guys around the net and eating up those second chance opportunities. What Jimmy doesn't swallow up initially, somebody else has been there to bail him out over the last couple weeks.
  • Raf broke his point drought with two assists, including a football pass to set up Miller's goal which drew obligatory references to Bobby Orr. One of my favorite things ever about hockey is watching Brian Rafalski looking up ice from his own zone and trying to perfectly time those long bomb passes. It's awesome. The two line pass can rot in hell.
  • I'm falling hard for Patrick Eaves. A few months ago I didn't know that he existed (the "Wings sign Patrick Eaves" post was literally something like "I won't pretend to know who this fucker is"), and now I have pajamas with his picture on them.


#3 ~ #44 .... Oh go to hell.

#2 ~ Brian Rafalski .... both ends of the ice, not just his Peyton Manning stuff.

#1 ~ Jimmy Howard .... up to date: 11-6-1; 2.27 GAA; .920 SV%


Andy said...

Sadly my blog didn't exist back then, but when Eaves was signed I wrote this on a forum: I really like this signing. He played well for Carolina in the playoffs last year and I think he'll be a pleasant surprise.

Baroque said...

I liked Eaves a lot with Ottawa, was sad to see him injured and lose his game for a bit, and I'm glad he's found it again in Detroit.

Just watching him, you can tell he's having a blast playing again.

jennbikegirl said...

Yeah, that's pretty much what it would take to get me to say #44's name again too.

Oh, who am I kidding, that wouldn't work either. :)

LaurenH said...

"Oh come the fuck on" My reaction exactly

Also, having not seen the game, I was surprised to see Rafalski on your top 3 list, not because I'm surprised he'd have a good game, I just didn't realize there was anyone still playing at this point that was on the team two years ago. By now aren't the Griffins like 'fuck you, find your own guys and quit stealing all ours!'

If karma ever expects to be taken seriously, we should be safe from injuries now for the next 10 years.

Baroque said...

Imagine being the Griffins coach right now.

Osrt said...

I know it's not supposed to be said, but I split the blame between Leino and Z himself for that injury. Leino for that assinine pass and Z for not looking up; he has taken that kind of shitty pass a million times before, letting the puck come off the boards, flick it around the d-man and get a strong scoring chance. Instead, he got destroyed.

Fox said...

"He can be so strong on the puck -- it's remarkable how he can swat away defenders with one arm while cradling the puck with the other."

Back in the day, the oaf was known as being one of a half-dozen guys in the clutch-and-grab era that could not be easily clutched or grabbed. If that guy returns, he'd still be a force.

Eaves > Bochenski; the rest is gravy.

Baroque said...

Did your post-graduation exams kill you, or have you just run off into the woods to live blog-free with the wolves? :)

Triple Deke Staff said...


I'm alive, I think. I had a busy weekend as Ms. Deke and myself celebrated 5 years of not cheating on each other. We went to Arby's.

Brent and I are working on something that should be done within the next day or two. Don't abandon us just yet.

- Tyler

Osrt said...

Baroque beat me to it, so let me just rephrase.

Hope shit went well with the other shit. Now update this shit.