December 24, 2009

Game #37 -- Red Wings vs. Blackhawks


You know times are different when you flip on the car radio, hear Ken Kal say the score is 0-0 at the 1st intermission, and your reaction is "Oh thank Christ."

While it certainly isn't looking good, I cannot bring myself to freak out after each loss. I don't even feel frustrated anymore -- just numb. Oddly enough though, I'm still enjoying whatever hockey I have gotten to watch over the last couple of weeks. I'm enjoying watching guys like Abdelkader, Howard, Eaves and a slightly rejuvenated Draper just enough to keep me from throwing flaming feces at my neighbor's kids.

Where is the despair and depression? I don't know. The strange assurance that everything is going to get better is overriding all else. Maybe it's the Christmas spirit or the eggnog (eggnog sucks). Maybe I'm still riding the high from Pinky Day, or maybe it's the new turtleneck I bought that's keeping me warm and oblivious. I can't explain it. I just can't get too down on this team right now because of this feeling that we're going to see a second half surge unlike any before.

Other thoughts:

"Blanked again. Shucks. Fifth time on the year. Fourth time at home. Third time in December. Second time back-to-back. First time I don't care. Merry Christmas?"
  • Something has to give -- I don't hate the Hawks enough. And I want to hate them. But even the guys I'm supposed to love to hate aren't that love-to-hateable. I would love to hate to not love to hate them, but I'm afraid it's just not that simple. When I can still bring myself to play as them online in NHL 10, that's not good.
  • Hope everyone saw that great clip of Homer talking about Swedish Santa Claus. In case you missed it, I typed it out:

Trevor Thompson: "Can you tell us about Santa Claus?"

Homer: "In Sveedish vee call him Tomfadkfja;kfd#da2."

TT: "You call him what?"

Homer: "Vee call him GFskdfaewfkaf++++. Akdfa;kefa@~" (shrugs shoulders)

TT: "Are those words?"

Homer: (pulls paper and crayons from locker; doodles)

TT: "That's a picture of my entire family, dead in my house, with me trying to eat the bodies to cover the evidence."

Homer: "Ya."

TT: "Explain yourself."

Homer: "Hahaha, it is Santa Claws. Get it?"

TT: (slowly backs away)

Final word on the commercial: Yesterday we Tweetered that we were trying to post a downloadable version in which the un-synced parts were corrected, but we weren't able. As it turns out, it sounded like a number of people actually liked the original version for it's janky-ness anyway. So whatever. We'll stop messing with it until the Director's Cut is released, along with TTD commentary, the Fake Herm gag reel, and a bonus 270-frame comic strip of Pluto Nash fan fiction. (And even though that was totally a joke, it still felt incredibly pretentious.) Thanks to all who tuned in yesterday, and spread the word so we can party with Herm in Detroit come March.

Merry Christmas, everybody.


Brendan said...

Yeah the Homer clip was epic.

"Sometimes he's evil..."

What? The? Fuck?

"Ya, sometimes khe come and eat yuh babies. Yah. Dats Tumblikuashaln;vw*& in Sveedin."

Anonymous said...

Jeff - OKWingnut

The video was epic, Tyler.

Merry Christmas, bitch.

Hope to get to meet you, in that styling sweater, in March.


Triple Deke Staff said...

Are you coming up for the game Jeff? In all the hoopla I have lost track of who's going and who isn't.

J.J. from Kansas said...

I've used all my frustration with the Red Wings in the past after losses screaming about how there's no excuse to lose to a contender or a busted-ass Edmonton squad with that type of talent on your roster.

Now that the Wings are missing 80% of their talent, I'm having trouble switching gears. I still want them to win every game and rest assured I got mad last night about how some people need to move their feet, but holy shit, when your second line is full of guys you consider tertiary scoring threats, getting mad at the team just seems like piling on.

The Homer interview was awesome. I want to know what his parents are(were?) like.

Andy said...

I think Santa is called Jultomten in swedish. They also sometimes call him Tomtegubben. Sweden is called Sverige in Swedish. and that concludes today's language lesson

Patty (in Dallas) said...

TT: "Are those words?"


Cameron Kittle said...

Couldn't feel more the same about the Wings. Just can't seem to care if they continue to lose games without like nine starters and Chicago still has Huet.

Awesome job on the commercial too. Hilarious.

Merry Christmas!

Osrt said...

Looking forward the editors' cut. Post one without audio so I can add fart sound effects.

catchpa: hybad. It's trying to tell me something but I don't quite get it.

JB said...

Have we even scored since Zetterberg's injury?

hockeychic said...

The Homer interview was the best part of that game. I don't know, it is hard to get much emotion going other than yelling things at #44 for cursing this team with injuries. I just hope we aren't completely out of the playoff picture by the time everyone comes back.