December 9, 2009

The Year of the Stomach Punch


7:30 -- Joe Louis Arena

Blues: 12-11-5 (29 points), 13th in West | Wings: 14-10-5 (33 points), 9th in West

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If the Tigers are affecting my hockey blogging and it's December, it's either really good or really bad. Yesterday, they made me dead to the world by trading Curtis Granderson.

I'm a stat geek, but Curtis is one of -- if not the only -- player in which I throw that stuff out the window. And even that sentence would be misleading since he's a crazy talented player, but apparently his splits against lefties were too much for Dave Dombrowski to sleep at night. In an era of a sport where sleaze bags and 'roided up antiheroes are revealed on a weekly basis, the Tigers just got rid of the opposite of that. He's the epitome of a role model, character and anything else that opposes the Clemenses and Cansecos of the baseball world. It's a disgusting decision to me. Although I guess I really shouldn't be that surprised.


Andy said...
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Andy said...

Edited comment: Fark! That pisses me right off! To me Grandy was kind of the soul of the team, I loved the guy. And to the Yankees, the team I hate above all. I wanna kill some Tiger execs right now...

Anonymous said...

Amen! I don't want to hear about fiscal shit. This is with a doubt the most soul killing stunt in my lifetime.(next to the firing of Ernie Harwell) I believe this will haunt the Tiger organization like the selling of Babe Ruth haunted the Red Sox. They will talk about this for decades. I am heartsick.


Osrt said...

Ms. B put this in perspective for me and that video really helped reveal who Granderson was/is; my condolences to you all.

Let's hope the Wings don't make it worse tonight.

Natalie said...

I figure if I go ahead and comment here that I'm really, really sorry about the trade, you'll stop hating me and blaming me for it. So, here goes: From the bottom of my heart, much sympathy to you and to all Tigers fans.

We'll try to bring on an awesome victory for the Wings tonight. I'm going to do my part by stalking Homer and stealing a kid's Zamboni toy. I figure it's reverse karma, and it's gotta kick in some way or another, right?

P.S. If ANYTHING else bad happens, and there are no further TSO posts, don't call the police or anything. We'll be fine. Just...going underground for a while.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Natalie, someday reason will set in and I might consider that you had nothing to do with this. I promise to at least give it some thought.

I won't even say anything if another Wing goes down with a major injury tonight. It's happening about once a week anyway, so your presence or me jinxing it right now will have no impact.

Enjoy the game.

- Tyler

cmk said...

A sad, sad day for Tiger fans.

Baroque said...


//looking for shoulder to cry on

Baroque said...

If you had posted the clip of the catch against Grady Sizemore to win the game for Verlander I'd be crying for hours. :(