January 6, 2010

Game #42 -- Red Wings @ Ducks


Larry Murphy made a comment earlier this year, after the Wings had played a particularly dreadful game, that it was one of those that you just ball up, throw in the trash and forget about. He said you're going to have 3 or 4 of those every year.

Everybody who heard it flipped out because at the time it was already like the 7th one of those games. And this was at least a month ago. The point being that any more than maybe, oh, one of those through the rest of the season and you're defining "unacceptable". We're well past that now.

And I still can't shake this optimism. Oh this retched fucking optimism. Wake up everyday smiling, wondering what great things are in store for my favorite team. Talk with you bastards about how I still feel fine about our chances and how in a few weeks time, everything will be fine. Then it'll be that one game in every four or so that the Wings spend 2 1/2 hours trying to wrangle out a turd instead of playing hockey, and somebody probably left the game with a knee injury. I'll feel bad about it, sort of sad and depressed but never angry, really. Always turn over that new leaf in the morning and get my hopes up for another turnaround.

That's where I'm at. So many players looked so bad last night that I couldn't even find one good thing to write about today. Flip scored and that was cool, good on him. Datsyuk still possesses genie-like powers (phenomenal cosmic powers, for you 90's junkies) but I still wonder if #44 is giving him swirlies during each intermission. Nick made some gaffes that made me wonder if the 3 hour time difference had taken hold of hid old bones and put him to sleep. Whatever ... we'll get some guys back soon and I'll blindly, ignorantly assume that everything is going to be okay.

Because I'm a spoiled bitch who has never seen the Wings miss the postseason. Since I was old enough to watch this team on a regular basis, they haven't so much as had to go on the road to start the playoffs. That's ridiculous. Swear to god this thought crosses my mind at least five times a week. So I don't know what else to do but assume this shit will turn itself around and eat ice cream with a goofy smile on my face until it does.

Instead of the typical recap breakdown, I'll post a happy video and fall asleep.

Go Wings


J.J. from Kansas said...

It's blogs like this that make me glad I'm still only just a commenter. This post sums up how I'm feeling and it does it in a way that's ten times better than I could have put it.

Also, now I imagine that Pavel Datsyuk has in itty-bitty living space.

Guilherme Calciolari said...

I get you, man.

And what is that about a commercial #2? (twitter recommended it to me, no idea why)

Triple Deke Staff said...

Stay tuned, Herm.

RedMenace said...

You say "optimism," I say "dread" -- toMAYto, toMAHto.

JJ, I wonder if Pavel wears golden puffy pants and a turban at home as well...

cmk said...

I bounce around between optimism and pessimism. Right now, pessimism is my driving force. {sigh} Even VF scoring for the first time since coming back did very little to make me happy--and HE'S my Baby Boy.

About commercial #2: Will your cat make a return appearance? Maybe wearing a jersey, helmet, or skates? (I'm a cat person, in case you hadn't noticed.) If anyone can get a cat to do what it doesn't want to do, I believe YOU can! Can't wait for the commercial.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Rusty the Cat turned into a bit of a diva after the first one and demanded a raise that we weren't willing to meet. He wanted Garfield money and we told him it wasn't happening.

It'll go down as the worst career decision since David Caruso left NYPD Blue.

- Tyler

Brendan said...

Brian F***ing Rafalski. I mean, seriously. Did you see that shit effort last night? It's as though he took the team on his shoulders and led them into the locker rooms where they can exchange girly giggles and tickle each other.

How do you make Saku Koivu look like Eric f***ing Lindros? How do you fall down on your attempt to cross check a guy with the puck? How do you get swatted away from Ryan Getzlaf when he's behind the net more effectively than he swats Perry's balls?

I was so disappointed in that man. In a related note:

Go Team USA!

J.J. from Kansas said...

So... were you aware that 'Aladdin' would be on ABC Family tonight before you wrote this post?

Because that's freakin' creepy.

Triple Deke Staff said...

J.J... that's pretty weird. I don't think I've ever seen it on TV. Those movies are never on.

- Tyler

hockeychic said...

I watched that game last night and was really sorry that I did. I kept wondering who that team was on the ice and where the Wings were. Holy turnovers Batman!

I just would like a better game against the Ducks because...well...I hate them. No HD feed for the Wings so I switched to the Ducks HD feed and that lasted all of about five minutes as they kept going on and on about Getzlaf. Thanks, but I prefer to hang on to my dinner instead of vomit.