January 19, 2010

Game #49 -- Red Wings @ Capitals


So be honest. If the first thing you heard was "Wings 46-23 Capitals" in shots, and then you heard Ovechkin was held shotless for the first time since the 1989 Father & Son "Soviet Russia Hockey Plays You" tournament, you'd cut me off in disappointment because you knew the Wings lost, right? Right.

To borrow one from Osrt -- that 3rd period sucked taint tit. This will be short.

... Recap ...

  • Ozzie wasn't terrible but he didn't save the team from imminent danger. As is the case much of the time that Oz is in net and it's not the playoffs. If he were a superhero, he'd be good enough at it to fly and see through shit but when it came to actually rescuing some hostages from a burning building, he'd probably just drop off a bucket of water and wish them luck.
  • Zero shots allowed by the Wings through the first 14 minutes of the game. Still skeptical of Babcock denying him playing time, Osgood called the team's awesome play "quite a coincidence."
  • (read this if that joke went over your head.)
  • While I haven't written about it a lot -- or at all -- in recent weeks, I've come around on #44 to the point where I think his name will be spoken here soon. (I mean, I still don't really like him, but I'm growing increasingly indifferent!) And then, after a pretty strong performance, he takes a momentum killing penalty deep in the offensive zone, and three seconds later the Wings give up two goals and lose the game. Bah. He really does pick the best time for those.
  • Jimmy gets the start against Minnesota, which isn't making me quite drop the "thank God"s like some of you are doing. I don't really understand the logic of having Jim start twice in a span of like 18 hours -- coming off an O.T. and a shootout -- throwing Oz out against one of the scariest offensive teams in hockey two nights later, and then going right back to Jimmy again after Oz didn't go all out to lose the game for us. He didn't win it obviously, but I didn't expect him to stand on his head anyway under the circumstances.
Maybe this is all part of Babs' plan .... Oz had gotten too comfortable after the last two seasons and he feels the only way to get his goalie to respond is to infuriate the hell out of him. I know these are all "playoff games" from here on out but I'm not buying (yet) that Babs has already decided to ride Jimmy through the rest of the season.


Michael Petrella said...

First of all, I laughed HARD at the Osgood "good luck" analogy.

But, yes, I knew I could rely on you to confirm my feelings about #44 tonight. What a goddamn nightmare he is with these fucking offensive zone penalties at the WORST motherfucking times.

Chris said...
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Baroque said...

I still don't use his name - much to the amusement of one of my friends at work with whom I talk hockey.

Whether or not the penalties are deserved or reputation calls, it doesn't matter - the timing is consistently and unfortunately atrocious. :(

And Pavel deserved at least one goal, probably two tonight. He was by far the most awesome Russian on the ice.

Baroque said...

(And just a bucket of water? Not dragging them a fire hose and letting them try their hand at putting it out themselves, too?)

Chris said...

Once again, nearly the exact same blog appears at the exact same time from NOHS and TTD. As usual, you quadruple the wittiness and add the normal dose of Bertuzzi hate, but still...same sad puppy tone and everything.

PS - This is what part of the alphabet would look like if the letters Q & R were eliminated.

PS Part II - Kronwall is skating!

jennbikegirl said...

I don't say 44's name either. Haven't for years. But somehow my hubby, who doesn't even watch hockey, knows his name. I doubt he could name my favorite player (Zetterberg), but he knows 44's name. Obviously some massive failure on my part somewhere.

The offensive zone penalties have been an annoying habit with him lately. And unlike maybe some of the others, last night's wasn't questionable. It was just a flat-out trip.

I agree, Ozzie wasn't terrible. But he was just OK on a night we needed better, and he's not helping himself with his quotes either before or after the game.