January 2, 2010

Goodbye, Old Friend


8:00 -- Jobing.com Arena

Wings: 20-14-6 (46 points), 10th in West | Coyotes: 25-13-4 (54 points), 4th in West

Today, we weep. We are retiring the use of the Shane Doan video on The Triple Deke. We will post it below, one last time (and not so coincidentally, one last time I will feel the subsequent power to survive a stab wound through the heart.)

The video is dressed in black, for we are in mourning. And thirsty for Pepsi.

It is unquestionably a work of art on par with Citizen Kane and Nintendo's Contra. But Shane Doan chose the Path of the Douche, and waived goodbye to the All TTD-non Red Wings team when he turned Johnny Ericsson's knee into a wet bag of broken penises (quite literally, in fact, since Ericsson is so manly that his legs are made up entirely of dicks.)


Anonymous said...

I bow at the feet of a great comic master.

Baroque said...

I bow at the feet of a great comic master.

Probably not wise - he'll smack you on the back of your head and take your wallet, then donate all your money to the Herm Fund. :D

hockeychic said...

Happy New Year, TDT!

Hoping that we see more of the Pavel Datsyuk that we saw on New Year's Eve tonight.

Spent some of yesterday arguing about Leino's goal with an Avs fan.

J.J. from Kansas said...

Since Shane Doan no longer deserves it, I'm taking back the song 'Right Now' in the name of all songs that oddly inspire me. Move over 'Danger Zone'. Make room Bonnie Tyler's 'I need a Hero'. An old friend is coming back home where he belongs.

Hockeychic, I read through all the game day comments at Mile High Hockey yesterday and, aside from them calling Holmstrom a mangina who is really old and getting really excited because one of their second liners really seemed to get under Maltby's skin (WOO...hoo?), they were adamant that the Leino goal is proof that we of the tin foil hat society have no room to talk because replay CLEARLY shows on all angles that the puck was touched with a high stick (although I will give credit that in the post-game recap, one of the authors does say that he didn't think it was high at all). Avs fans are hilarious. I'm only sad that Schadentuzzi didn't score.

Anonymous said...

@ J.J.

Schadentuzzi = my new favorite word :)


Anonymous said...

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