January 12, 2010

Red Wings / Islanders Pregame


7:00 -- Nassau Coliseum

Wings: 23-15-6 (52 points), 9th in West | Isles: 19-19-8 (46 points), 10th in East

Islanders blog of choice: Light House Hockey

Plenty of stuff to get juiced up on today at the always great Light House Hockey, including defining a dynasty, the age of the Wings playing into injuries, Kronwall karma and memories of Joey MacDonald. Now if this were written by a fedora-wearing Pinky man I'd counter it with some frivolous point-by-point argument that would surely waste 45 minutes of my life, but I like the Light Housers so I'll brush it off.

"More importantly, the Red Wings' run faces the same challenges of any dynasty: The stars that lead it age, and success has unavoidable effects. To combat these, the Wings have done the only thing they can do: Groom and introduce new blood to supplement the stars who have already won. Keep the hunger as strong as possible. The question is, with all the other forces going against repeat success, is that new blood enough?"

I think it was J.J. at Able to Yzerman who, when the Wings' injuries were at their apex, posted the list with the player ages, and Dan(ny) Cleary -- 31 years old -- was the elder statesman of that group. From their down you have Hank, Fil, Kronner, Johnny, and I'm already getting sick so I'm going to stop. But for the bulk of these, I don't buy the old age claim. If we were hearing about muscle strains and the like after games and practices, then I'd consider it. But so many of the injuries have been collisions and freak accidents that would hurt anyone, not just old Red Wings players.

With a win tonight, the Wings could slip into the 8-spot of the Western Conference. It's also notable that every team ahead of them has played at least two more games.


Islanders fan:

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J.J. from Kansas said...

Yeah, I went back and for with TheLinkGoesHere several times with his argument that "older teams get injured more, but that doesn't explain the relative ages of the Wings' injuries". Some people are just intentionally stupid.

Man, I'm more worried about this game than I was with the Sharks game. Two days off after a dominating 4-1 performance against a contender coming into a game against a team we should definitely beat? I just don't want to go through another couple of days of talking about Osgood, Howard, and Babcock.

Baroque said...

I think it was J.J. at Able to Yzerman ...

hee hee :)

I think the injury problem is separate from the need-to-integrate-new-blood problem - and in a way it might also make it easier to get the young kids into the lineup, because the hand of the team is forced and they don't have a choice.

I think they will likely get a sluggish start, but if James can play well enough so they don't drop behind by three goals in ten minutes I like their chances to come back from a possible small deficit and eke out a win.

Anonymous said...

Jeff OKWingnut

I have the bad mojo for the game tonight.

Nannerpuss is calling.

David said...

they just rocked us