January 27, 2010

TOV: Episode Seven

If you are a fan of incoherent mumbling and the sound of uncontrolled urination as background noise, check me out in this week's Obstructed View. I'm am joined by the terrifying George Malik and Ellen from Big Red Machine as Chris and Brian (who may or may not be Ken Kal -- seriously, compare the two voices) welcome us each back for a second go-around. We talk about the Red Wings.

This seems like a fitting time to announce that The Triple Deke will be kicking off our inaugural podcast in the near future. We feel the need to say, above all, that this isn't meant to be a competing thing with TOV. While they didn't invent podcasting, they are an originator of sorts in the Wingosphere and we don't want to cramp on the awesome success that they've already had. We'll probably use our show to do game recaps when writing isn't convenient, have groundbreaking original features like "Will It Float" and "Jaywalking", and there will probably be nudity. Stayed tuned and shit.


chollis said...

Does this mean we can have phony "radio wars" where we prank call each other and say stupid shit and pull pranks?

Or maybe we have a "Cast-Off" at H2H and I can come hurdle your table and we can wrestle around while Herm cries in the background.

Guilherme Calciolari said...

Eh... lost in translation? Why would I be crying?

Triple Deke Staff said...

Dammit Chris, there goes the surprise. Now all 12 of the readers will know what's coming.

Herm, I imagine you read it correctly. You are crying for the sake of crying, just because. I don't know about Braszil but here in America crying is never not funny.

Osrt said...

You'd cry because your daddys are fighting and the next does of applesauce is far far away.

Osrt said...

does = dose