February 3, 2010

Game #56 -- Red Wings at Sharks


First, the sad: According to the entire Internet, Kronwall "tweaked" his leg and is doubtful for the Anaheim game. This will force Big E back into the lineup and also give Derek Meech another opportunity to improve his Norris candidacy.

Kronner is one of my favorite Red Wings of all time, but I swear, the man needs to be permanently encased in bubble wrap. And eat the head off a baby alligator or whatever the kids are doing nowadays to ward off bad voodoo.

Now let's dig into what was the biggest win of the season to date:

  • I'll start with the Wings' 4th goal, because chronological order is overrated (not just overrated, but a complete bust. Coming out of college it was highly touted and ended up being the #3 selection in the 1998 Literary Tools & Concepts Blogger Draft, but failed to live up to expectations and doomed Bleacher Report for the next decade. They tried to make up for it in following years, but high risk/high reward draft picks such as Plagiarism failed to develop). This might be my favorite goal of the year, although I am extremely prone to overreaction and bad judgment before I sleep on an idea. Or when I'm loaded with Nyquil, which makes up 85% of my day. Anywho: Darren Helm pulls off a perfect stick lift and steal, and immediately puts the Wings in business down in the San Jose zone. The puck comes to Rafalski, who makes an absolutely ludicrous pass to Patrick Eaves who was so alone on the doorstep that he could've scored twice. Beautiful hockey all around.
  • Then, this was kind of weird. The Wings had a two goal lead with like a half period to go, and they didn't lose. They didn't even give up that 3rd goal late in the game just to make you poop your pants a little bit. They completely shut it down.
  • Patrick Marleau looks like the personification of social awkwardness. Actually, not just in social settings. That narrows it down too much. You have to leave the door open for awkward pauses when he's talking to himself, or even when he's writing something on a sticky note.
"Stop at store to buy milk....


..... is that note long enough? What if I get confused later? What kind of milk should I get? Oh geez, I knew this would happen. The 2% is still fatty but the skim is practically water ......

....... uh ..........

(crumples note; cries)

  • Homer was awesome in his return from injury. He finished with two assists and was robbed of a couple of goals, but most importantly looked like hadn't missed any time. They gave him the #1 star for his efforts, which in turn he wanted to give to Jonathan Ericsson as a "get well" present because Homer heard that he had a scratch.
  • Incredible job in the corners by Fil, digging a puck out and taking it to the net on the Dan Cleary goal. This turned the game around when we really didn't see any hope after the first 10 minutes. It felt great to taste the nectar of momentum again ... thank you, San Jose Sharks.
  • We match up well with the Sharks, apparently. The Wings won 4-2, even after spotting them two goals early on, and even with them on a 17-2-2 run, and hardly giving up any goals, and sporting the League's best penalty kill while the Wings still have a bottom-third road power play, and with the NHL's goal leader and a hot goalie, and hell I'll even throw in the top faceoff percentage, and they still can't beat the Wings. Lord please let us get San Jose in April. I don't ask for many things.


#3 ~ Brian Rafalski .... for that pass, his work in the final minute of the game, and his 30:01 of ice time.

#2 ~ Henrik Zetterberg .... He's about to go (or already is) on one of his classic Hank runs where he strings together like four weeks of blinding brilliance and we don't give it it's full due until three and a half weeks have passed.

#1 ~ Tomas Holmstrom


Nightmare on Helm Street said...

So are you saying that four weeks of Zetterberg pwning (yes, I used that on purpose) includes the Olympics? Beacuase if so, I'll be pissed.

Word Verification: coacc

Triple Deke Staff said...

Ha .. yeah I didn't realize that. Concepts of time and calendars and such aren't really my thing.

But him completely pwning the Olympics would still be sweet, especially against Canada.

- Tyler

Anonymous said...

chronological order is overrated (not just overrated, but a complete bust. Coming out of college it was highly touted and ended up being the #3 selection in the 1998 Literary Tools & Concepts Blogger Draft, but failed to live up to expectations and doomed Bleacher Report for the next decade. They tried to make up for it in following years, but high risk/high reward draft picks such as Plagiarism failed to develop).

Damn, Tyler, that is some funny sh*t. I aLOL'd (TM Tyler)


Simon said...

Oh man your posts always make me laugh! Keep up the good stuff.

David said...

Patrick Marleau- worst shirt/dog/child's haircut combo to date

cmk said...

"...(crumples note; cries)"

The entire quote--that I didn't cut and paste--made my day. The Husband looked at me as if I completely lost it--which is nothing new in this household--because I was laughing so hard. I tried to explain and he didn't 'get it'--which also is not new in this household. I really, really needed a laugh, as my computer problems continue...

And thanks for giving my Baby Boy atta-boys--he will be a big star one day, as I keep telling everyone. ;)

Baroque said...

So Marleau not only cries over spilt milk, he cries over the milk he hasn't even bought yet. :)

He always looks vaguely stoned and surprised, as though he just woke up and hasn't had his post-hangover coffee yet.

Fox said...

No Sharks for you; they were ducking to ensure free trips to Chicago for all the Wings. The Sharks are thinking maybe some nice tender Pred in the first round (though the absence of neck meat is a concern for Murray's dietary needs).

Triple Deke Staff said...

I look forward to your comments after Wings/Sharks posts, Fox. I tried to bait you in with the burnt orange again.

I'd be okay with the Hawks too, but man I would love me some Shark.

(Why I'm being picky with the way the season has gone is beyond me .... just make the playoffs, Wings. There is no telling the reaction that will ensue if they don't. I think my face might collapse into the rest of my skull.

- Tyler

Fox said...

The orange is a plot to make me consider buying Worcester's jersey. Even adding glitter to the gray would have been better to me.

Sharks' TV color guy Drew Remenda actually predicted the Wings would finish 4th ... that's a lot of choking down the stretch by others, but good luck, I guess (it may also be that Remenda was balancing out radio color guy Jamie Baker, who was probably cranking Glory Days on his iPod and thinking about making a young Chris Osgood cry). "In the 'Hawks bracket" will be fine with me; make it happen. In fact, just to show I'm not above a little bribery, toss up an Olympic break filler post to that effect, and I got $20 for Herm.

Triple Deke Staff said...

I can assure you there will be no down time during the Olympics. Unlike many other NHL fans, both members of TTD are big fans of the international competitions and will still be kicking through the next two weeks.

And how dare you bribe me. I could be one of them bloggy cops for all you know. (1 notch below mall cop.)

Fox said...

Blog Cops? You mean like Grammar Police? I make my share of typos in commentary, but nothing warms my heart more that getting an antagonistic response that opens "your an idiot" -- it isn't only NHLers who need to keep their heads up when crossing lines, because some targets are just too good to pass up.

Nevertheless, you are correct about the sordid practice of bribery. Forget I ever said it. However, if such a post as had been previously mentioned were to appear during the Olympic Break, I, as an accreditided lobbyist, would show the gratitude of myself and my constituants, by arranging to have The Fox Institute make a small contribution to the worthy charity of your choice (so long as such charity is currently documented by recognizeable hyperlinks in the upper right hand corner of your blog) in an amount more or less equal to the smallest standard ATM denomination (because seriously, it's a pretty good story).

Triple Deke Staff said...

You might have a deal then Fox. Although my word means absolutely nothing when it comes to this blog. If I say it will happen it means there is a zero percent chance of it actually happening.

But, uh, to be clear ... saying that we wouldn't mind playing the Hawks will get Herm's fund 20$? That seems odd. I figure if you wanted to go in the way of bribery you'd want me to post incriminating pictures of Ville Leino and Babcock's wife.

- Tyler

Fox said...

Leino and Babcock's wife? Not even for Hayley Wickenh... err, Nicklas Backstrom and Fisher & Phaneuf's girlfriends in a tub of jello. I have a picture of a WMU coed in nothing but a Helm jersey though; not a guy to be seen anywhere in the frame, and therefore more appealling. Just a prude, I guess (I know Filppula picks would be well received amongst some of the blog's followers).

As a Sharks fan, I need all the good karma I can get. Setoguchi's start means the Sharks should be able to keep everyone if they are so inclined, but the window is definitely now.