February 10, 2010

Game #59 -- Red Wings at Blues


Rock bottom. Forget the complementary reach-around point that was aided by a bunch of muck goals. This game sucked, and I might have to jump off the optimism bandwagon (but that's the awesome thing about bandwagons -- I can hop right back on whenever I want! I hate myself.)

A bit of a demonstration:

Coming into this game, the Blues were less than a day removed from a waxing out in Denver in which they looked lethargic and without knowledge that the playoffs are coming soon. They got back to St. Louis like 10 minutes before the opening faceoff. Chris Mason had just given up 5 goals on 3 shots. They have a terrible home record. Keith Tkachuk had just eaten Andy McDonald.

The Wings however had a couple days off, and you would figure they would've been stewing over the skull-fucking that happened on Saturday. Instead they give up 20 shots to a team near the bottom of that category in the first period and lacked any sense of a team chasing the fucking Nashville Predators for the 8th spot. Much of this game felt like a visual rape. For me, it's down to three explanation that I've long glossed over or argued against: "Heart", "Fatigue", and/or "Babcock".

I've been riding the 'Cock meatwagon for as long as I can remember. I love his scowl, his quotes, his philosophicalness, his hair, the way that I imagine he smells, and how he sort of looks like a large man-bird. But if the reason for the loss was the lack of a jump from his guys, with (relatively) plenty of rest, that's on him. He's gotta pull out the pictures of naked ladies or whatever coaches do to motivate teams. Too late in the season for a lack of effort.

If it was "heart"? Well, I just plain old don't like to go there. Too hard to decipher lack of heart from a lack of energy or preparedness. Too fine of a line between very different emotions that I would have to conjure up.

The "energy" thing ..... could that be it? Because I'm not hearing any of that out of Pittsburgh, and they've played the same number of games the last three years. There have been plenty of injuries, but it's not like Datsyuk and Zetterberg and Lidstrom are playing 28 minutes a night to make up for them.

This leaves me with six paragraphs of nothing. I have no clue. I hate this season.

  • Franzen's mustache was one of the few high points. It's not quite a pure mustache in that he had some beard stubble, but still. He totally lost a card game to Kirk Malby or something.
  • The ugly Draper goal was about as ugly as it gets. Even though Drapes hadn't scored since 1978 he still looked a bit ashamed of it. Oh, and then there was the obligatory review of the goal .... I vowed that a reversal of it would've caused me to turn off the game. I was dead serious. I would've banned myself from TV for two weeks had that been overturned.
  • Jim Howard made the save of the ekhfd;fha;dsjfadsjf;kakdajf; during the Overtime period. I hope he spends the Olympic break in a bath of ice, since it appears Babcock wants to play him until his skin falls off and/or Osgood organizes some sort of mass hostage situation.
  • Paul Kariya. Am I losing it? Does he always look like that? He made #44 look 80 years old. He looked like his NHL 97 avatar. (Kariya was stupid good in that game. He had nearly all 99's. When I was 10, I was of the assumption that he was a super hybrid of Gretzky, Brett Hull, Carl Lewis and cocaine.)
  • Did Nick have sort of a bad game? He seemed to make a couple of goofy decisions. Maybe I was lit, I don't know. <-----me being nervous about calling out Nick Lidstrom after a hockey game.
  • The first two goals were scored via foot deflections. The third one, I'm still not sure what happened. It could've osmosis'd its way in there. For all I know the only puck to cross the goal line from a Wings stick tonight was from Jason Williams. That makes me want to die a slow and diarrhea-filled death.
  • And finally: Johan Franzen looked pretty damn good. I'm still flabbergasted how quickly he came back from a major knee injury. I hope that new 7 year deal with Lucifer works out well for him.


cmk said...

I'm willing to get yelled at by saying this: I don't think Babcock's head is where it needs to be to coach the Wings. I think he's too worried about coaching Canada to a gold medal in the Olympics. He would much rather have Wings fans want him dead by missing the playoffs this year--after all, they just won the Cup two years ago--rather than have the entire COUNTRY of Canada chase him to the border if they lose the gold. I think the Olympics are too much on too many minds and the season has taken a back seat.

I won't be surprised, at all, if the Wings playoff streak ends this year. Injuries are no longer the issue--it seems as if they play worse after one of the walking wounded comes back. This will be a year that we all will want to forget.

Baroque said...

I don't see how Babcock could not be distracted to some extent by the Olympics - he's not a freaking moron, he realizes perfectly well how important it is to his country, and he has been asked about it all season by whatever Canadian media member crossed his path.

It would require more than superhuman powers of focus to not be distracted - he'd have to be in a coma in a hospital in a cave in Tahiti with no television, radio, or internet access.

Baroque said...

My wild, uninformed guess is that it's more mental fatigue than physical tiredness. The long playoff runs with the latest outcome disappointing, the big deal of the trip to Sweden to open the season, the Olympic distraction, the constant shuffling of rosters due to injuries, the breaking in of a brand new goaltender, never knowing who is going to be in the lineup next game - put that on top of the regular grind of an NHL season and it has nothing to do with age and more to do with just being mentally worn out, and getting a couple days break to sleep late doesn't really help that all that much.

The team needs a vacation, and unfortunately some of the guys who need it most won't get one for the next couple weeks. Unless several favored teams get knocked out of the Olympics early. :(

J.J. from Kansas said...

Rock bottom is exactly what I was thinking last night, I was just not in the correct mental state to put that into words. I think the subtext of what I was saying in the liveblog was pretty clear though.

The minute I believe the team lacks heart is the minute I stop following them. I don't care if that makes me bandwagon or fairweather or dicktoucher or orphan-strangler. I won't tie any of my emotional well-being to a team of people I don't think have heart. That said, the team has lacked focus and swagger for most of the season. I keep waiting for them to wake up and say "wait a minute, we're the goddamn Red Wings, you can't do this shit to us". I think Datsyuk was trying to do that last night, but even with his super powers and oddly-shaped head, he can't do it alone.

Nightmare on Helm Street said...

"For all I know the only puck to cross the goal line from a Wings stick tonight was from Jason Williams. That makes me want to die a slow and diarrhea-filled death."

Holy, diarrhea-filled death, Batman! The Boy Wonder tried to save us. Have you been checking out the "Our Heroes" thing I've been running? I thought you'd be all over that...

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Ian said...

"For all I know the only puck to cross the goal line from a Wings stick tonight was from Jason Williams. That makes me want to die a slow and diarrhea-filled death."

This actually really cheered me up. Thanks.

David said...


Crater From SoCal said...

Being at the practice in LA Friday I can confirm to you, since he walked by me on his cell phone a few times, that Babcock smells exactly like you'd expect. Same as Bruce Campbell does.

Rob said...

The minute Darren Helm stops trying is the minute I stop watching this team. I'd like to think I'm safe.

Nightmare on Helm Street said...

Crater--I dated Bruce Campbell's niece. True story, even got to go out to dinner with the man, himself.

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Nightmare on Helm Street said...

So does that mean that 海產 actually went through the word verification process so they could post the "喜樂的心是健康良藥,憂傷的靈使骨枯乾。" message, or is the whole verification thing just bulls***t posturing?

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hockeychic said...

I couldn't see the game thanks to Versus/DirecTV but I was checking the score. OT = Skills comp = loss.

I really hate this hockey season.

I'm still convinced the #44 is cursing this team.

Baroque said...

I'm still convinced the #44 is cursing this team.

February 11, 2010 12:31 AM

And he's been healthy all year. He has sucked the health out of everyone else (although at least he stopped leeching off Pavel's talent).

Triple Deke Staff said...

So does that mean that 海產 actually went through the word verification process so they could post the "喜樂的心是健康良藥,憂傷的靈使骨枯乾。" message, or is the whole verification thing just bulls***t posturing?

I was thinking the same thing. It's the 3rd or 4th time on here, and it's weird because I've only seen those on other Blogger sites.

In some stupid and not-really sort of way, it is kind of flattering that they continue to do that to me.

- Tyler