February 25, 2010

Guest Post at the H2H Blog

I wrote a little ditty about the cool prizes you can win by donating to the H2H fund. If you ever want to see your stupid family again, you will go there and pitch in five bucks. No really -- I've got your dad right now in the camel clutch, holding a pen to his neck. Hahahahaha, a "pen". Because I'm a blogger! With the writing!

What a day of hockey yesterday, almost too much of it to process. And commentator ignorance. However, in Mike Milbury's defense, he's dumber than a bag of ape dicks (note to NBC: this is an unconscionably horrible defense.) I only have a few minutes here so I'll have to end this abruptly and most appropriately:


Nate A said...

Aw man. I decided I wasn't going to go to a single Tiger game this season, even if the tickets were free. But your damn hilarious list and the potential to win that prize means I might have to make an exception.


Mark from Maryland said...

I thought that video was all kinds of awesome. Until I got the special Hulk message at the end to eat my vitamins and be a real American, and the rest paled in comparison.