February 1, 2010

Holy God, What a Quote

"It's great, isn't it? It's called goaltending," coach Mike Babcock said.


We now know a couple of things about Mike Babcock. One, Ville Leino definitely had sex with his wife. When Brad May fell down while turning 90 degrees with the speed of a drunken toddler, that much became certain.

And two: he is in complete, head-over-heels manlove with Jim Howard. No "m" and "y" at the end of that bitch anymore -- he is a "Jim" from now a on. A straight up fully grown goalie dude. I preemptively cut up my credit cards to keep myself from buying a Howard #35 jersey in my sleep tonight. (I still regret that awful morning I woke up to find that an autographed Chris Shelton jersey had been over-nighted to my door.) How Osgood is supposed to read that and not hop in the sack with Leino and Mrs. 'Cock is beyond me.

We'll cover this game and the week ahead ... uh ... later. But not now. (Suck it, a Who's the Boss marathon is on.)


Guilherme Calciolari said...

Helm is God, James is Jeses. Who's the pidgeon? And what about the dinosaur?

I'm pretty sure sentences like that are the reason for this crappy season.

And sadly, James is this season's Luongo. Shit

Osrt said...

Who's the boss?

The one giving Ozzie a wedgie with his jockstrap.

And Alyssa Mylano. Mmmm..

jennbikegirl said...

What about the shootout? Was that goaltending too? Just wondering.

Triple Deke Staff said...

I'd blame like 24 different things before Jim giving up shootout goals to two of the best players on the planet.

And the shootout makes me want to drown myself. Yeah I'm bitter because we can't seem to win them .... I don't really have a follow up to that, I'm just bitter.

- Tyler

jennbikegirl said...

I know, I know. I hate shootouts too. And it's hard to win them when you don't score.

I just have a problem with the quote - don't understand what he's trying to accomplish.

Triple Deke Staff said...

I know, reading it actually shocked me. Babs was either reeeaally put off by one of Ozzie's comments, or he's trying the most extreme form of motivation.

- Tyler