February 17, 2010

Olympics Day #1: Russia vs. Latvia


To say I was looking forward to watching this game is an understatement. I put on my pretend Igor Larionov Red Army sweater, drank chilled Vodka like water and vomited it back up like vomit, and spent two hours before the game watching Rocky IV backwards (when you watch it that way, Drago is the good guy and kills Adrienne instead of Apollo, which makes for a much, much better movie. Trust me on this.)

I have not yet had a chance to watch the USA / Switzerland game, so here is a quick recap of a game I did get to see.

  • I Heard shortly before the game that we'd see a line of Ovechkin-Datsyuk-Semin. That line is too incredible. My first thought after reading the news was that Datsyuk might not take another shot until March.
  • The terribly aging Sergei Fedorov assisted on the first two goals of the game. Awesome to watch Sergei again, even with him sporting the number 29, and even if he's starting to look like the skeleton that occupied my high school's biology room.
  • KHL guys helped open the scoring, including Alex Radulov, the former Nashville Predator. Radulov later became disgruntled and fled to join Norway's curling team.
  • There was a moment in the 1st period when it appeared announcer Kenny Albert pronounced a Latvian player's name as "Syphilis". Turns out is was this guy, but I prefer to think that Latvia has a sexually transmitted disease moving through their locker room.
  • Kovalchuk scored a fantastic one-timer goal while on one knee for Russia's 7th goal. Every time you watch Kovalchuk wind up for a shot, it increases your sperm count. This is true. (It's too hard to get through one of these without making a Semin/semen joke, so I'm meeting myself in the middle.)
  • This is mind-blowing: I am still trying to process how the Olympics are in Canada and this flapping-headed logo was approved.

Russia is immensely entertaining to watch. Tomorrow we'll get to see Finland, Sweden, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. International hockey is simply the balls, and don't let my dad tell you otherwise.


creasemonkey said...

Agreed on Fedorov; when he was interviewed during an intermission, all I could think was "Holy crap he looks like shit." Still the 13 year old in me was thrilled to see him playing.

Andy said...

Who would not join our curling team? Our pants are simply awesome

Baroque said...

Sergei is still a wonderful skater, though.

Datsyuk was as much of a puck thief as ever, and looked fabulous on the penalty kill. He did actually take a few shots, too.

I had forgotten just how quick and dangerous Alexander Radulov is. He was the player on Nashville who scared me more than any other, because he was such a dash of instant offense, but he's picked up some defense in the intervening years. Just a nice player.

I also heard "Syphilis" playing for Latvia and did a double take.

Russia has a player who shoots from the point on the power play and stands in front of the goalie to clear rebounds who wears the number five, and seeing a 5 in red is extremely comforting to me on a very deep level - I wonder why? ;)

That was a hell of a game.

(And awesome is one word for the Norwegian curling team's pants - "eye-blasting" is the one I would have chosen. Good for them for choosing something, different, though - that takes a lot of guts to walk around and compete in something that loud.)

Osrt said...

Who is wearing 91? That's fuching Feds number and he should be deferred to. I'm glad to hear that he had a good game too; wish I could see the highlights.

I tried to wake up at 6:30 to watch, but after going to bed at 4am, I couldn't. Next time though.

Guilherme Calciolari said...

when you watch it that way, Drago is the good guy and kills Adrienne instead of Apollo, which makes for a much, much better movie.

Awesome. I saw the game, Russia was not very berry good like I expected, but it was the first game, so a lot of time for them to have opponents comitting suicide on ice.

If you like Semin's name, I believe you weren't at A2Y yesterday, when I taught some Portuguese and explained how Gabe's name is "Gabriel Sperms". Good day.

(it was freakishly amazing waking up at 3AM to watch hockey, totally forgotten how it felt like)