February 22, 2010

Olympics, Day # kadhf;ajd;kfafksd: USA vs. Canadadkfaj;dfkja;skdfj


If one picture could symbolize my mood right now:

Best game I've seen in at least four years. If not 12. That's a lie but per usual I'm not worried.

Cheering your lungs out for Pat Kane might be painful, but you've still got a now 25 year old Brian Rafalski, the phenomenal Ryan Miller, Inglorious Backes, your secret mancrush Zach Parise and a bunch of others that put on a fantastic bend-but-don't-break performance last night.

It will be hard to duplicate if these teams meet again down the road .... but who gives a shit at the moment. If you're an American and a hockey fan, that game was one of the bad assiest things you've ever seen. Enjoy this into the night and call in sick tomorrow so you can go punch a mountie and wipe your ass with maple leaves all day*. Am I right, dino-riding Jesus? I thought so.

* Don't do this. This is stupid.

  • Rafalski has four goals in 57 games this year for the Red Wings. He now has four goals in the last four periods for Team U.S.A. I loved the reaction of the team after his 2nd goal; I think they were all joyously saying "We're really doing this!" in unison.
  • Livonia Native Ryan Kesler (TM Ken Daniels/Fox Sports Detroit and may be reused repeatedly under penalty of "awesome") scored what has to be one of the best empty net goals in hockey history. I'm probably unfairly judging that because Corey Perry was burned on the play ..... wait I change my mind, I'm very properly judging this. In fact it was the greatest moment in the history of bipedal forward movement of humans. And was also followed by a great celebration that included Parise yelling "FUCK YEAH".
  • Ryan Miller carried his stellar NHL play over from the regular season to the pressure-packed international environment seamlessly, and he did it with his whole team on his back. 42 saves -- including an incredible glove save from his stomach late in the game -- and an unquestioned #1 star.
  • As happy as you were when Langenbrunner tipped in the 4th U.S. goal, you were a little mad at him for getting you hopes up over a Rafalski hat trick. I haven't been this mad at Langenbrunner since his goal from center ice in the 1998 Conference Finals (total number of times I've been mad at Jamie Langenbrunner in my life: 2).
  • Random note: check out new Wings site Wings Win, Eh?, if for no other reason than the fact that punctuation is in the name. That's just ballsy.
  • Quarterfinal matchup for the U.S. is Wednesday afternoon. I can't emphasize enough how entertained I am over this tourament and this team. U.S.A. for the win.


Baroque said...

Rafalski, Kesler, and Miller.

Blatantly stolen from www.blessyouboys.com:

Guess what, Canada? That's Pure Michigan!


Anonymous said...

I haven't jumped up off the couch and cheered at a hockey game in well...., it's been awhile.

I want to cover Rafalski in butter, roll him in breadcrumbs and EAT him up!


Osrt said...

That was an amazing freakin' game. Detroit and Michigan represented well all night long, from Russia to the US to Sweden.

Rob said...

What's wrong with wiping your ass with maple leaves eh? P.s. it is LEAVES...not LEAFS....I'm lookin' at you Toronto.

P.P.S. (Yeah we do that in Canada) Thanks for the shout-out guys.

patleb940 said...

Even though we're enemies until next monday, I gotta admit that your team played pretty well and (kinda) deserved the W. But you got to recognize that Canada dominated most of the game. Anyway, I hope they meet again down the stretch, in a game that will be much more important than yesterday.



Rob R said...

Langenbrunner is the reason I don't get free curly fries today. Sick bastard.

LaurenH said...

Oh crap, this game made my YEAR, if not my decade!

I watched it with one of Blackhawks friends (I know, that's an oxymoron) since we figured it'd be the only time we cheered for the same team.

Him: Go Kane!
Me: (a la Ken Jeong) ...I'll allow it.
Me: Rafalski is a demi-God! AGREE!
Him: Ok, ok

Then Kesler scored and I fell off the couch.

Triple Deke Staff said...

What's wrong with wiping your ass with maple leaves eh?

I take it you've never had maple rectum poisoning.

- Tyler