February 12, 2010

Game #60 -- Red Wings vs. Sharks



  • If we went 4 whole season without one of these "50 shots/still lose" games, it wouldn't be long enough.
  • Who the hell was in goal for the Sharks? What happened to the guy who was something like 2-45 against the Wings? This guy was phenomenal.
  • What in the hell was with the ad graphics on the glass behind the goals? I'm not against advertising, I understand it's purpose. But come on, FSD. How about you show John Keating fucking a bag of money while you're at it.
  • It couldn't have felt better watching Franzen go top shelf for his first goal. This was on a power play that was drawn by Homer, who stormed the San Jose crease and nearly created an empty net goal for Meech. Anyone who says Homer doesn't add that much to the lineup anymore is a dicktard. (Also, the penalty was on Jed Ortmeyer, the moron who re-injured Kronner. Former Wolverine .... just saying.)
  • I'm probably the only one who found this funny: Mick brought up how the Hurricanes are going to be sellers before the trade deadline. Immediately after that sentence, Murph goes "WHITNEYYYY". It was a really weird, loud voice. Yeah it's probably just me.
  • Ryan Clowe is a fucking clown. Two Wings games now that he's delivered an elbow and denied it like somebody who was wrongfully accused of murder.
  • Also in that boat is Scott Nichol. He'd probably be a player you'd love to have on your team, but he's not, so he's a tool for cross checking Datsyuk in the ribs and then trying to throw a headbutt with the top of his helmet. Also, he looks like a guy who's breath smells like the inside of a colon.
  • The Sharks goal at the end of the 1st period was a calamity of defensive suck. You have Drapes pointing at the guy wide open in the slot instead of rotating over to cover for Big E (who I'm starting to think is legally blind). E could've noticed the open man if he wasn't so hellbent at staring a hole through Brad Stuart's ass.
  • Jason Williams tangent: I love the people that can't wait to get rid of this guy. If it's because his stock is way up after tonight, that's one thing, but I do not understand how so many people are fine with cutting him lose like he's a detriment. He had a broken leg for God's sake. If he's playing bottom six minutes and the 2nd power play, he's not going to be in your hair that much. When you're one of the five worst teams in the league at scoring goals, I would assume that most people would be in favor of keeping one of the few natural shooters that we have.
  • I get the feeling that Joe Thornton hates nothing more on this Earth than playing hockey against Pavel Datsyuk.
  • The first trade deadline is tomorrow. Any ideas swirling around in your head? How about the people on the "trade J-Will" wagon -- what do you think you can get for him? Unless Kenny completely swindles somebody, I think that a guy who has been playing 4th line on a one year deal might be more valuable to us than anyone else. I don't know who would give up anything viable for a Jason Williams rental.
With the Wings right up against the cap, the only high salary person I could see the Wings moving to free up space would be Stuart, but I think he has a no trade clause (and his stock is fairly low). Other than that there's a bunch of $1 million-and-under guys, and I don't see a huge deal happening out of that. We'll see.


Baroque said...

The only reason I'm thinking that it might - might - be a good idea to trade Williams is because by moving only one guy there is enough salary cap space needed. I don't hate him and see that he does have utility, but it would be the simplest and least disruptive move.

No matter what, I still want May waived for uselessness, though. I wish he had a higher salary and was the only move needed, because that would be perfect.

Andy said...

My spies tells me that in a 5 team deal, Kenny has traded Osgood, Williams, May, Meech and Lebda for Miller, Ovechkin, Pavel Bure (who seems to suddently be healthy), Zdeno Chara and Drew Doughty. Somehow he has convinced Gary that this still makes the Wings under the salary cap

Hap said...

John Keating and a bag of money? Great, now I'll never get that awful picture out of my head.

Stuart's no trade clause becomes a limited clause this summer, so I was thinking that he'd be a good summer trade to make room for Kindl, to save money and pick up another scorer.

J.J. from Kansas said...

Scott Nichol also tried to get an early start on making the 2012 Summer Olympics last night. He had some pretty good looking dives.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for finally posting something that echos my sentiments that it makes no sense to trade a guy who can score goals for nothing when we're a team struggling to score goals. There is no good reason to trade away Williams unless Kenny gets something in return that's going to help us THIS YEAR.

Word Verification: goater... bwahahaha

Anonymous said...

Jeff OKWingnut

"to cover for Big E (who I'm starting to think is legally blind)."

I'm kinda hoping he gets traded today. His potential is wearing thin, especially since it is wearing out Jimmy.

Happy Anniversary(!)

Anonymous said...

Woww. Trade Ericsson? He's a rookie. You expect mistakes from rookies, he's not Lidstrom so please don't ever say that we should trade Big Red.


Trade Stuart? What planet are you living on? Stuart has been our best, consistent defenseman this year. Whenever he has a great game no one says anything, but when he makes one mistake everyone freaks out.

Triple Deke Staff said...

I didn't say to trade Stuart; I said he's the only one I could see a move being made for the reason of freeing up the cap space, because he makes like 3.6 million, but he's got a NTC so it's moot. Calm down.

- Tyler

Fox said...

Meh, 2-10; 2-45 was the team's all-time regular season record vs the Wings before the lockout, and we're proud of Nabby for getting those two wins for us.

I couldn't stand Nichol when he played for the Preds, so I think you are right, there.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

" Stuart has been our best, consistent defenseman this year."

Are you kidding? Have you watched the games?! He has been HORRIBLE. 27 giveaways, 4 takeaways. The only defenseman who has been worse is Ericsson - and I'll give him a pass (for now) because of his size and age, and his performance in the playoffs last year.

Watch Stuart in our zone. He looks like an NHL10 cpu defenseman...standing there watching the opponent play the puck instead of DOING something. Not a good influence for Ericsson, btw.