March 16, 2010

Game #69 -- Red Wings @ Flames


These two points were bigger than Bob Rouse's balls.

What a win.

A stopped penalty shot, a near flawless double minor kill, a Swedish ass of gold, and three points between us and the Flames.

'Cock quotes:

"I really liked our specialty teams – combine that with Howard save on the penalty shot, that’s what won us the game tonight." Jimmy Howard on the four-minute penalty kill in the third period, “That was spectacular. That was unbelievable. We were taking away the pass from down low to up high, taking away their D, and then once we got it, we didn’t make any mistakes. We got it 200 feet. When they’ve got to come the full length of the ice to set up, it makes for a lot easier penalty kill.”

Quick notes:
  • Typical Datsyuk tonight, picking up goal number 22 and extending the once powerless power play's streak to 10 straight games with a goal. Such a sweet deke before the shot. He also was just about the only Red Wing to not completely vomit all over the faceoff circle. (Hank: 5 out of 18; Helm: 2 out of 9.)
  • Does the Lilja and Lebda pairing really make that much of a difference? The Wings have won 7 of 9 since February 13th, and three in a row for the first time in three months. The blueline has been stable for a slew of games for the first time all year. I'm betting that Big E doesn't sniff the ice again this season barring injury.
  • Babcock praised the line of J-Will, Miller and #44. Miller played one of his best games, but I must have been watching another number 44. I will admit, genuinely, that perhaps I'm either crazy, blind, or consumed by biases, but #44 looked like a turnover machine. He passed up shooting opportunities and was putting the puck in unmanageable spots for his linemates. And before anyone tries to argue with me, saying that I only pick his off nights to do recaps and rip him, just know that he ate a live kitten during the 2nd intermission. You read that correctly. Are you actually going to side with a kitten killer?
  • Jimmy said that on Glencross' penalty shot, it actually helped him that he came in with speed because it didn't leave him time to over-think. I'll also add that it happened so fast that I didn't even have time to wet the couch.
  • John Keating was in studio tonight instead of in Calgary. This is 200 times funnier if you pretend that he's not allowed in Canada for some undisclosed reason.
  • I want Tomas Holmstrom to sit on my face.

Go Wings


Baroque said...

I think he also punts puppies for distance off rooftops and pulls the fluffy tails off adorable bunnies for kicks.

Maybe it's just making him sound good for someone else (Toronto??) To sign in the offseason.

(Phaneuf AND 44!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I don't think Bertuzzi is going anywhere. He'll finish his career here.

This is von Awesome, by the way.

mrfluffy said...

So does he have to shower first, or in your fantasy is it right after a game?

Rondo said...

Did anybody else catch Keating's maniacal chant at the start of the post-game recap? I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't allowed in Canada for one reason or another

Rob said...

Ruh Roh. Big Rig is back in for the Edmonton game. Hopefully his previous successes at Rexall Place provide some inspiration for him....and we can trade him there in the offsesson